What to Wear This Halloween Using Emerging Brands

As we enter this year’s spooky season and Halloween approaches, choosing a costume for the night of the 31st becomes a main concern. To make the most of this year’s costume and to ensure you’re not sharing the same look with anyone at the party you’re at, get your pieces from Oliamoda, where the best emerging designers from around the world are available.

Instead of running to the nearest Halloween store or rigorously scrolling through Amazon 

the night before to desperately search for anything that may be flattering; continue reading to gain inspiration on what to wear this year and where to get them. 

  1. Going to the Circus

Dyuso has an orange half sleeve blouse that would be perfect for a sexy clown outfit. Paired with bright trousers or a colorful mini skirt worn with cute clown makeup- a clown custom is a unique but fun look for this Halloween. This is an exciting way to spice up a classic look! Try to put your own umph on it by going all out with the makeup or styling it to the max.  

  1. Sprinkling my Fairy Dust 

Take the ethereal route this year and be a fairy. Choosing pieces from Playgoer are excellent for a funky but hip outfit. Pair a crochet dress with chunky boots, mesh gloves, sparkly makeup and of course some cool fairy wings. Going to any Halloween party in a costume like this will definitely turn some eyes and instantly make you the life of the party. For all the Disney fans out there: turn this simple look into Tinker Bell!

  1. Fly fly Away

Purchase a long silhouette dress from Yana Bezfamilnaya to transform into a butterfly! Throw on some special wings, an intenti headband, shimmery tights and some bright flats. Who wouldn’t want to be a beautiful butterfly this year? From starting off as a caterpillar- this costume will help you to break out of your cocoon to conquer the night.

  1. Let me suck your blood

The classic spooky yet sexy Halloween costume, is of course, a vampire; and plus why not incorporate an emerging brand’s design? This beautiful swoop top from Mesh and Flesh brings detail and hype to a basic black top. Combine this with a leather mini skirt black boots, some lipstick-made dried blood and obviously fangs to achieve the ensemble !

  1. I’m a mouse duh 

Turn into a little cute mouse this 31st with the help of Bitte Ruhe! Use their iconic sweatshirt with a pair of black leggings- but don’t forget to draw your whiskers on and to wear ears. If you prefer a comfier, more laid-back approach this is the one for you! While staying effortlessly chic, this supreme look will keep you dancing all night. Just don’t blame us if you get caught in a mouse trap. 

This is the perfect guide to ideal Halloween costumes that can all be achieved through the pieces available on Oliamoda. Emerging brands carry such unique, and on trend pieces that will elevent anyone’s closet. Even if you skip the costume this year, the items listed above will suit the coolest party looks for all year-round. 

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