How to Transition Your Closet to Colder Weather With 3 Easy Steps


Fall is in full swing, but for us Californians, the process is much slower. It is almost November and only now the temperatures are dropping so we can layer up and experiment.  It’s finally a good time to get our Winter closet in order with the heavier items.  It can seem pretty intimidating to transition your looks into colder months. I get a lot of questions about whether or not to keep the summer dresses and skirts ready for use. So I put together a quick post that will inspire you to try some new cold weather looks.

  1. The power of layering

Layering is key for transitioning your closet from the warmer seasons. Take that summer dress and layer it with a sweater or coat and you are instantly ready to bear the cold while looking smashing. Here, I layered a lightweight sweater with a fringed summer mini skirt. Tip: For a totally current look, try tucking in your sweater into a high waisted skirt! For that ‘Wow’ effect and an added touch of warmth, I draped a trench coat on my shoulders. You might remember this one from last year, I scored it at my favorite vintage store Racks. Ladies, a trench coat is a must-have in your closet, it will always be current regardless of the trends. This one comes in the color of the season, deep forest green. Layering a classic blonde trench would have been a nice option for this look as well.

  1. Boot it up girl

Secondly, grab those boots or booties and experiment with color. I have written a recent post about a must-have style, the western boot. But do not be alarmed, last year’s over-the-knee-classic boot is here to stay and make your legs and outfits look chic and sexy. These burgundy numbers are a real find, super comfortable and easy to pair with.

  1. Accessories for a change

There is nothing more powerful to transition a  look than a few key accessories. An updated handbag will give your whole outfit a fresh new look in an instant. I got lucky to score this specific bag, but there are plenty of more affordable options that will do the same trick for you. This season opt for square shapes and double handles. Century21 and Yoox are my goto for purse shopping.

Fall is such a great season to play dress up. So, go ahead ladies, have fun with it and take some risks. I am always here to answer your styling questions and needs. Just drop me a line below.

Thank you for reading and keep styling,


Photos Alena Melnik

OIia Kedik
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17 Discussion to this post

  1. Carrie Lewis says:

    Lovely transition indeed! Beautiful in fact. I love the mix and match possibilities and the bright colors! You’ve given me a great shopping list (that’s both good and bad) and I’m checking out more of your fashion ideas. Why stop here? lol.

  2. Peter says:

    Great content as always! Keep it up, I’ve not really got a fashion sense for any season… Great post though!

  3. Shannan P says:

    Those red boots are simply amazing! I need to find myself a pair and a place that I can rock them.

  4. Monidipa says:

    Your ideas are really hot for winter. And you look great. I would have gone for it only if it were black.

  5. Sara Welch says:

    These are some awesome transitions. It is all about being warm this time of year.

  6. Cindy Gordon says:

    Great tips girlie! I love the red and green; perfect for this time of year!

  7. Erica says:

    Great fashion tips. The weather here in the Midwest is getting colder and colder, it’s time to bring out a few cold weather pieces and pair them with with my fall stuff

  8. All I can say is your style is amazing! I love the quality of your content.

  9. alison says:

    I’m loving the boots Unfortunately with my short stature I can’t pull those off, but can admire them.

  10. Yeah, California is so wild when it comes to weather. Layers are important out here because of the temperature highs and lows throughout the day. You do have such a fun outfit there. The Boots look great.

  11. Yeah bookmaking this wasn’t a speculative conclusion outstanding post!

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