Three Reason I Love Having Two Kids


I am sure any parent will agree that time flies by too fast when you have kids. Then comes the feeling of sadness that a certain phase of your life has come to an end. We are getting ready to say goodbye to the baby chapter of parenting.  I can’t help but be sad that I will not be able to nibble on cute babies’ toes, carry them on my hip, or dress them in that favorite pair of baby booties. However, I am very happy for this new phase ahead of us as a family. A place I think will hold more life balance. My husband and I agree four is the perfect number for our family. Everyone has their own journey but we are very content having two kids and here is why.

Please remember, each family’s size is their own business and this is only my personal view and opinions.



When we’re home or out its easy to split the kids 50/50. I take a child, my husband takes a child, and we’re set. We have to share our attention between them so they both feel loved equally.  I love that we can fit at most restaurant tables or booths comfortably, anymore kids in our clan would be hectic. We can all fit into most vehicles together, most:) We can all share a hotel room with two beds and make it a fun slumber party. I have two arms to hold my two kids, one on each hip. I’ve got two legs, so when my kids sit on my lap there is equal amount of space for their little bottoms.

I like the fact that both my husband and I can still afford to sneak a workout into the schedule and even an occasional dinner out for just the two of us.


Raising children is expensive. With the constant rising cost of living and us wanting to provide only the best education for our children and support a lifestyle, we agree two is enough. This is also the main reason we moved to Sacramento, thankfully this place offers better public schools, housing and youth activities. We’re both hard-working parents and we want to be able to enjoy our lifestyle. We just booked out first trip to Europe for four, the trips cost is an indicator that two children is enough for us.


The routine around the house is getting to be a little easier now that Kai is one. They go to bed at a similar time. They are starting to really enjoy each other and play together taking the focus off of mom and dad! The love and laughter between our set of sister and brother is magical. Kai is a really good eater, which makes it easier to feed them both at the same time and serve similar foods.

Wether you are a parent of one, two or five: experiencing the beauty of life being created and life maturing is magical. It is such an inspiring, wonderful, messy and beautiful process. Witnessing one kid grow up is the most amazing thing, and watching another is equally fascinating. It is equal, but not identical. Each of our children’s journey to date has been different.  That is why stopping with one kid was not an option, we needed to create our perfect family unit of four. We are so thankful for these two blessings!

What about you? Are you having more children or are you planning to grow your brood? Let me know.

OIia Kedik
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7 Discussion to this post

  1. Jamie says:

    I don’t have kids yet but I would love to have 2 or 3!

  2. Aww I love this! I couldn’t agree more. Having a balance is so important and even though I don’t have any kids yet, I know they’re super expensive

  3. Such a fun article to read! I only have one and I love that you share this!

  4. Natasha says:

    Such a nice post

  5. If I have kids I only want two lol. Enjoy your babies girl beautiful fam

  6. Lindsay says:

    Thanks for sharing your viewpoints! One munchkin for mom to take care of and one for daddy!

  7. Oh such a beautiful family

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