The 3 Initiatives and highlights from  Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia 2021

This year, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia is adding three new initiatives to the catwalk, this will improve the safety and overall experience. This is the first time MBFW Russia is doing something like this and thankfully the reactions have been positive! For the first time, there will be a designer swap with MBFW Berlin, intense COVID restrictions, a selection of local emerging designers and conscious efforts towards sustainability. All around the world COVID forced people to stay immobile and stagnant, but with MBFW’s new decisions, there will finally be a sense of normality in all of this chaos. 

The designer swap seems like a new concept that is starting to trend within the fashion world. Beginning with Gucci and Balenciaga’s spin off collection which pushed this pioneering idea to other designers like Donatella Versace and Kim Jones. As a global initiative MBFW Russia went into agreement with MBFW Berlin to swap a designer, this is meant to promote growth and collaboration. 

Alexander Shumsky, the President of MBFW Russia and the National Chamber of Fashion was stated saying, “Unification is one of the main trends of the new era. The more we exchange experience, communication, the more opportunities for local designers around the world to show themselves, promote the principles of sustainable development, and authenticity.”

Due to the current circumstances in which the world is at, this event has promised to make it as covid-free as possible. MBFW is taking place at the Museum of Moscow from October 19th through the 23rd and Shumsky continues explaining the logistics by saying, “COVID-free is a format that ensures safety of both participants and visitors as well as promotes responsible attitude in the fashion community.”

In order to enter the shows, visitors must have a valid QR code that proves their covid status. There’s three different options, including those who are in any point of their vaccine process, those who’ve gotten covid within the last six months and lastly those with a negative test from at least 72 hours before. Adding onto regulations prior to arrival, during the actual event there will be various sanitary protocols such as temperature checking, mask requirements and consistent sanitations.

It is very reassuring that they are taking the correct protocols to ensure everyone will have a fun and safe time! 

In addition to the designer swap and tight covid rules, MBFW Russia is putting an emphasis on the innovative side of fashion: sustainability and emerging designers

Due to the destruction that the fashion industry has created, sustainability has been a leading topic that most are striving to align with. To bring awareness and to take action, MBFW has selected 14 sustainable Russian fashion labels that all use ethical practices like recycling, upcycling, dead stock, zero waste etc. 

Not only this, but attendees will be presented with the option of donating their pre-owned clothing which will later be used for designer’s collections for next year’s MBFW Russia. 

In addition, Russia is also putting an emphasis on exposing younger designers. This year’s lineup includes Lena Karnaihova, Sasha Gapanovich and Lyubov Babitskaya, who all happen to be based in Russia. 

To conclude, it is amazing seeing Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Russia making a conscious effort to be better. During these tough and crazy times, it takes flexibility and adaptiveness to stay successful and to bring awareness. Having the designer swap, initiating active COVID restrictions, including local emerging talent and incorporating a sustainable aspect to this event is a beautiful step in the right direction and hopefully other fashion shows follow. 

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