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This dress may not be an item you specifically look for, but I cannot imagine living without it. I fell in love with the cut and color when I saw it on a hanger on a  recent trip to Nordstrom to pick up a gift. One of those shopping trips that is planned solely for another reason, yet you walk out with a totally unrelated item.  Often these type of shopping purchases turn out to provide one with a beloved piece. This dress hits the mark on so many levels.

More over little black dress because little white dress is the new wardrobe staple this coming summer. An all white dress is extremely versatile. You can dress it down or glam it up with just a few key accessories. My outfit is a great example of how to jazz up a simple white dress. The accessories play the main role in creating the ethnic glam look. Wearing a totally white dress or outfit can be a little tricky. Below are a few tips on how to wear all white this summer. First, pick the right dress for your body type. White is very revealing so

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