• Being gone for over a week the amount of packages
  • Did you catch my latest blog post about my collaboration
  • Happy Sunday! I am getting ready for a fun Xmas
  • I am a sucker for stylish things that come in
  • Guys so I tried this dermaplaning device michaeltoddbeauty few weeks
  • I have been on track with my New Years resolution
  • This lancomeofficial bifacial make up remover is hands down the
  • Happy Sunday! I am resting after a crazy yet exciting
  • lancomegiftedme Testing out these liquid highlighting pens lancomeofficial Subtle shimmer
  • Accesoories make or break your outfit With short hair like
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Fashion is tugging at the coattails of tech-driven San Francisco.  With technology consuming the headlines and conversations of Bay Area locals it is great to see a reemergence of fashion of the arts to this city. Fashion Community Week founded by Shirin Hashem has been changing this agenda for the past 6 years. The event draws international and local talent providing a platform for these emerging designers and models to succeed and tap into a bigger market. Last Saturday Fashion Community Week wrapped up its Spring season showcasing brands from

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