Brave your Style Boundaries

Streamline your shopping strategy and maximize potential of every piece by developing a style that is unique to YOU!

One-on-one shopping is the perfect way to shop if you’re looking for something specific or want to try out a trend before committing. Olia will handpick items for your individual style and needs, so you can feel confident in whatever you choose! Plus, by shopping this way, you’ll be supporting small businesses and independent designers – it’s a win-win!

Closet cleanouts are an amazing way to refresh your wardrobe and make sure everything still works with your personal style. We offer two types of closet cleanouts: the first is when we go through your entire closet and purge what doesn’t work; the second is when we help you create a capsule wardrobe and we go through your closet together to see what needs to be added or removed so you can feel great all year round! It can be done virtually or in person.




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