Stay Fit in 2021 with these Smart Home Equipment Tools

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2021 is going to be the year of optimism and healing. After the struggles of 2020 that transformed our idea of normalcy due to the Covid-19 global pandemic, January provides us with the opportunity to move forward.

Sadly hitting the gym is not an option for many states with Covid restrictions in place. Why not bring the gym into your home? This allows you to tailor everything to your needs. To help you stay fit in 2021 and beyond, here are five smart home equipment fitness tools. They are perfect for creating the ideal environment to feel and look your best. 

Tempo Studio

The Tempo Studio is a personal trainer and mini home gym, all in one convenient smart mirror. With hundreds of workout classes available, it’s easy to personalize your experience with the Tempo Studio so it can suit all your fitness goal needs. This smart mirror comes with various workout equipment. Tools like dumbbells, a workout mat, and four plates of different sizes are ready to use so that you can always be ready for an impromptu workout. 


Image Courtesy Tonal

Tonal will ensure that your workouts fit your needs and strength level. One of Tonal’s coolest features is that it automatically readjusts the weight per each exercise, so some of the guessings are out of your hands. More accessories are available to be added to the main wall screen, such as handles, a bar, or even a bench, so you can create a little corner gym that won’t take up a lot of space in your home. Expect to be fully immersed in a workout that’s completely tailored to you with Tonal’s full-body fitness regimens. 

Nordictrack Fusion CST 

NordicTrack’s Fusion CST takes strength training to the next level with access to expert trainers and in-depth stats that track your fitness progression. For those who rely on the gym for exercise, the Fusion CST closely resembles the equipment you would find at your local gym, except it comes with a touch screen and technology that personally tracks your progress. This particular equipment focuses on high intensity, fat-burning workouts. If you’re someone who prefers a personal trainer dedicated to seeing you succeed without actually having to be near another person – this is the home fitness equipment for you. 

Echelon Reflect 50″ Touchscreen

The Echelon Reflect 50″ Touchscreen is the perfect blend of beautiful and functional as it looks like a vertical TV screen that, with the touch of your finger, will bring to life a variety of workouts to try out. If you don’t want to dive straight into intense exercise, the Echelon Touchscreen also offers yoga and pilates, so you can still get your daily movement in without the fuss of equipment that takes up a lot of space. This home equipment is excellent for those who like lots of variety in their workouts, so you’ll never be bored with all the options at your disposal. Trying to stay fit just got a whole more spontaneous and fun. 


Mirror might be the most stylish home fitness equipment on the market. Many people don’t want to invest in clunky, large equipment that could disrupt their home design, and Mirror is the perfect solution to that dilemma. It presents as a standard mirror, with a slim and modern look that comes alive as a workout screen with all exercise regimens available. Incredibly personalized, the equipment will offer real-time adjustments and even playlists to choose from and create. For the style-conscious, Mirror provides a seamless transition into exercising more without sacrificing aesthetic appeal or space.

Our homes are our sanctuaries through these unstable times. Creating a space for your personal health and fitness within your space is a valuable tool for the betterment of your life.

Additionally, it is no secret that staying fit and healthy is top of the list for new year’s resolutions. With gyms no longer accessible, the home is the next best place to stay fit in 2021. Therefore, investing in one of these smart machines will be a decision you will not regret.

If you have tried any of these home equipment options, please share your experiences below.

Keep styling and stay healthy,


Guest Post by Megan Garcia

OIia Kedik
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