How to Stay Active at Home During Lockdown

With the coronavirus pandemic, most countries across the world are facing lockdowns to help in regulating the spread of the disease. While locked down in your house, it would be wise to engage in some physical exercises. According to physicians, being inactive for an extended period affects both your mental and physical health. As a result, you need to exercise regularly to reduce blood pressure and stress, prevent a series of health issues, and overall feel better. 

Here are tips that can help you stay active throughout the lockdown.

Challenge Yourself to some Online Classes


You barely need thirty minutes to complete a HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) workout and this kind of workout is perfect for doing at home, even without equipment. Incorporating this kind of exercise into your routine is a fantastic way of staying active. You could even decide to a challenge during this period of self-isolation, like this 30-day ab challenge for example. Having goals like this will make you feel motivated and keep you inspired.  

Stand Up and Walk Frequently

If you’re not in self-quarantine and isolation and local authorities allow you to go outside, then you can engage in regular walking, cycling, or even running to stay active. What you need to do while walking outside is to ensure that you maintain the perfect social distance of at least 6 feet. But even if you’ve been totally locked down in the house, you can run up and down the stairs several times. This way, you can burn over 100 calories. 


During this crisis, you must make sure that everything in the house is super clean. But have you ever thought about the benefits you get when cleaning things in your house? Well, home cleaning is an incredible workout that can burn up to 190 calories or more, depending on the kind of cleaning: for example, scrubbing the floors and tiles or dusting are both very effective.

Dancing to some Music

If you need a fun and incredible way of exercising, try some dance moves. It is a simple exercise as you only need to play your favorite music in the music system and start dancing. You will enjoy listening to music, and it will help you burn some calories too.

Skipping a Rope

Rope skipping is one of the most simple and straightforward workouts that do not need fancy equipment. A simple skipping rope is sufficient for a total complete body workout. Also, it’s an exercise that you can undertake in your living area- just be sure to have enough room! 

Take Your Dog for a Walk

Having a dog as a pet can increase your physical activity levels since you’ll regularly need to take it for a walk or play with it. Consider taking your pooch for a 5km or 10km walk once a week. Similar to walking, this exercise can help you burn over 100 calories. 

Staying active during the lockdown is ideal for your mind, the body as well as spirit, especially during this pandemic. Physical activities guarantee good overall well-being and much better sleep. By the time the lockdown is over, you’ll have the needed energy to start the regular life again.

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Guest post by Mary Davis

OIia Kedik
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