5 Places to Shop and Sell Consignment Fashion Online

consignment shopping

As we strive towards a more sustainable future in fashion, there are a few things to remember. We need to not only buy from brands that have more eco-conscious business practices compared to conventional brands, but also make effort to shop vintage, consignment, rewear and resell our own.

Therefore, we need to take great care of everything we already own so that when we’re ready to clear something from our closets, it can still be of practical value to its next owner, whether we decide to donate, swap, or resell.

On that note, beyond marketplaces like Etsy or social media hubs like Facebook groups, here are 5 of the best places where you can buy and sell consignment.


Depop is an online marketplace that functions as a platform for users to buy and sell their clothing. This site tends to host the unique everyday pieces that you can’t and won’t find elsewhere. Unlike other online consignment shops, Depop has a feature that functions in the likeness of the Instagram Explore page in which the app suggests items to each user based on his/her recent activity on the app. Prertty cool right? 


The Real Real takes luxury consignment to the next level with authenticity inspections for each designer item performed by an in-house team of apparel experts. The site also offers special deals to First Look Members — including monthly promotions and early access to sales — for an additional $10 a month. Consigning your items with the site can also earn you credit toward a The Real Real purchase. 


Refashioner offers both designer and vintage options for stylish ladies looking to upgrade their closets a bit. Most of the listings on it include personal stories from the sellers about the items they are parting with — adding to the fun of browsing for pieces on the site. 


Snob Swap is the go-to for lightly used luxury items at highly discounted prices. The site’s inventory comes from a massive network of consignment boutiques and luxury resellers from across the United States.


Tradesy is perhaps the lesser-known luxury secondhand website on which you can resell and purchase high-end clothes, jewelry, and accessories. This marketplace is full of high fashion priced at half the original cost. Although the site’s image tends to take the form of a luxury secondhand retailer, as soon as you switch the filter to search from “low to high,” you’ll find that they offer more affordable pieces from brands like Madewell, J. Crew, etc. Whether you’re searching for a $10 t-shirt or a wedding dress that sells for a few thousand, Tradesy makes it easy to find those particular items. 

Do you have any places you want to recommend? Drop in the comments below.

Thank you for reading and keep styling


OIia Kedik
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