Quarantine Beauty Routine: How to Keep Your Skin Healthy and Glowing While Stuck at Home

While some people are desperate because they have to stay at home, smart ones use this quarantine time to do all the things they didn’t have time to do before.

Most people catch up with reading piled up books, others binge watch those great Netflix shows in their pajamas or do a little bit of online shopping. It is unlikely that we are going to end this skinnier and healthier than before, but bear in mind that this is not going to end any time soon. So, staying fit and healthy is very important.

Beauty salons are closed, so here is what you can do for yourself in home conditions:

Makeup free

Since social distancing is recommended, all the gatherings are canceled and you don’t need to try to look great. Also, most people switched to work from home, so here is another reason to spend a day in your pajamas. 

This is a perfect period to let your skin breathe. If you are a person who applies makeup every day, your pores will finally get unclogged. Your face will recover and rest of all of those makeup products. 

If you have an important online meeting and you need to have your camera on, it is ok to apply some makeup, but don’t overdo it. 


Quarantine made us slow down and finally have some me-time. Now you can try on all the masks you wanted. However, don’t put on a different mask every day. Twice a week is ok. In the meantime, it is important to clean your face regularly. Maybe it would be a good idea to switch with milder skin products. Also, don’t forget to moisturize it. 

DIY masks

The internet is flooded with cheep homemade masks, made with avocado, honey and other nutritious ingredients. Find the one that is the most suitable for your skin type. Here you need to be careful and to avoid amateur tips for diy masks, because some ingredients are aggressive and can harm your skin. 

Permanent makeup aftercare

Not a small number of you had a permanent makeup treatment just before the quarantine started. Lucky you! This is the perfect time to devote yourself to a proper aftercare routine and to heal properly. The most popular treatment currently is powder brows treatment, and if you had one, staying inside will only help you. You will avoid makeup, sun, sweating and other things that can affect permanent makeup negatively. 

During the healing period, it is vital to follow the aftercare tips so that your powder brows heal properly. 

Healthy diet

It is hard to stay healthy and fit since there is not much to do and the supplies you made are so tempting. On top of that, gyms are closed. 

Snacking is your worst enemy. It will not only make you put on weight, but it will also affect your skin. Eating too much junk food, chocolate and snacks will have consequences on your skin. It will be unclean and even some pimples might show up.

If you want to keep your skin smooth and shiny, healthy diet is the key. Replace all the bad snacks with the healthy ones. Next time you go grocery shopping, avoid buying unhealthy food and focus on fruit and vegetables. If you don’t have snacks at home, you will not be tempted to eat them. 


Quarantine is a great time to rest, relax and focus on yourself. Relaxing bubble baths and rest will do good to your skin and make it glow. Enjoy this time and see it as a great opportunity for recovery. 

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