Staycation Queen Pants

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Knitted wool pants  in burgundy red

Size xs/s

40% Merino Wool 60% Pan

Stay cozy and on trend with the Staycation queen knitted pants from Ukrainian designer Sayya. These must-have bottoms have a lovely flowing silhouette that will stretch your leg line and make you look chic, even if you’re just lounging at home. They come in three vibrant colors: cobalt blue, burgundy red and light purple – perfect to match any wardrobe.
Made from natural wool, these knitted trousers are soft to the touch, yet durable enough for everyday wear. Plus, they have an elastic waist – so comfortable you won’t want to take them off! For full comfort factor pair them with the matching turtleneck also designed by Sayya.
This item is ideal for fashion-loving women who want to keep up with the trends but like to stay cozy at home or out of the house. Make this chic statement your own today; say goodbye to boring loungewear looks and add a pop of color to your wardrobe with the Staycation Queen knitted pants!

XS- 39.4 inches

S/M – 39.5 inches

L – 45.7 inches

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