A personal reflection of 2016 life’s moments


The array of amazing life moments and challenges that filled 2016 was immense.  It was a year filled with energy that has taken me high and low, but like all life experiences I am a stronger woman and better mother and wife for them all.

Early in 2016 our family left San Francisco and moved to Sacramento.  There we opened our second restaurant location and moved into a wonderful neighborhood with hopes of growing our business and family alike.  We moved into our dream home and appreciated Sacramento’s pace of life, wonderful people, schools and safe neighborhoods; things we felt San Francisco lacked.

On the down side, it has been a tough run for us professionally here as we struggled to find the right balance for our restaurant brand here versus San Francisco.

I am thankful 2016 has showed us both struggles and benefits to learn from and appreciate in future years to come.

The happiest moment of 2016 was to learn we will be growing our family once again.  In Mid 2016 we lost a pregnancy, which obviously put a large emotional strain and deep sadness in our lives.  My husband and I considered not having another child for a brief time.  We were overjoyed in the Fall when we were given  another chance.  Pregnancy is very challenging, once again, but very worth all the discomfort.

I am also very grateful for the love and recognition I have received for OliaModa this year.   2016 allowed me to work with some very talented people locally and abroad. It has been the best year for my brand and my passion for fashion!  Debuting the Pop-Up shops was a great experience and I look forward to finding new creative ways to keep you all coming back for more.

A New Year is always a hopeful time. It means new beginnings, new life moments, new goals. I embrace this new year, 2017, with positivity and passion for life. Often it takes struggles and self-reflection to recognizes the treasures that we are given.  Everything we need to succeed and love is right in front of us; don’t look beyond it!

Cheers to a happy and stylish 2017!

Thank you for reading,


Below are a few of my favorite looks of 2016

Photo by Olya DB

Photo by Scott Duncan


Photo by Quincy Stamper

cover up

Photo by Quincy Stamper

Photo by Scott Duncan

resort look, bell sleeve

Photo by Scott Duncan

Photo by Quincy Stamper


Photo by Kaitlyn Miller

Photo by Michael Moore


OIia Kedik
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4 Discussion to this post

  1. christina c says:

    Hi Olia! Christina here, I found your blog after staying with you via airbnb (my partner Matt and I had just gotten married and were visiting Sacramento in November)- just wanted to send a note to keep up the amazing work, i love your blog! Say hi to Guapo and happy new year to you and the family 🙂

  2. Kasmira Kit says:

    Happy New Year! I’m happy you’ve moved to Sacramento!

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