Black to work

  Unfortunately I could not post while traveling in Russia. Since Yana and I traveled there alone, I did not have anyone to shoot with. But I did some fantastic shopping and will be sharing my new items and finds with you here on the blog. First day back to work I felt like keeping it simple yet edgy and professional. I wore studded Current Elliot jeans paired with polka dot top and suspenders. Suspenders are a hit right now, you will be seeing a lot more of them this

Monday Vintage Vibes

  Happy Monday everyone, On our last family trip we stayed in a beautiful town of lake Coeur d’Alane  where we did some marvelous vintage shopping. I mean I was really impressed. Rarely can one find beautiful, unique items like that in SF. We bought a few lovely antique items for our restaurant and I found some absolute fashion treasures:) All in one store named The Way Back. If you are ever there you will not regret stopping by. I was waiting for that day when I would finally wear

Sporty and classy combo

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It is hard to deny but as much as I love bright colors, black is my all time favorite. It can be a very flattering color on as long as it is worn with a little color pop to avoid looking like you are heading to a funeral. I fell in love with this comfy and classy skirt & top combo by purple maroon. The material on both items is perfect, shiny, stretchy and the quality and craftsmanship shines through. Plus it is all made in USA which is a

Angel wears Prada

Happy Tuesday friends, I have been looking forward to share this dress with you from the day that I found this lovely treasure. Its silky shine, leather-like look, its modern shirt cut top and pleated skirt all were the many reasons this dress won me over from the first sight. Not to mention an item like this will be a staple in anyone’s closet for years to come. I remember my mother rocking this style of dress when I was a little girl:) The dress is a statement in itself

All you need is a jacket

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Hi everyone, hope you re enjoying this glorious SF weather. Here is a look I sported when it was not as sunny a few days ago. The hero here is the stunning bcbgmaxaria jacket. It is the newest addition to my jacket collection thanks to my sweet husband and Mother’s Day love:) The stitching on it is simply divine and the color of the threads in my favorite pale pink and light blue. The jacket is also sold in white leather. I paired it with dark blue dress and suede

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