Going through a divorce is one of the most stressful situations in life. It is not surprising that it can influence emotional health and stability, especially if conflicts were a part of the relationship before it ended. With the pandemic in full swing around the world, the pressure to spend time together, and reduced opportunities for separated activities, it’s no wonder the divorce rates are rising. Typical effects of divorce on psychological and emotional life are: Guilt – often followed with questions “was this necessary?”, “did I have to hurt my

In a short while, we will be saying goodbye to dreadful 2020 and welcoming 2021. A new year means a new beginning. But with a new year come new fashion trends as well. In their abundance, some have already managed to stand out. Here are the most important fashion trends for 2021. Body-Hugging Tops As a trend, second-skin or body-hugging tops has been growing for years. Although lesser-known brands have started this trend, huge names in the fashion world are set to take over. Body-hugging tops go well with sweatpants,

All products featured on Oliamoda are independently selected by Olia. However, any purchases through the link below may earn us an affiliate commission. This Holiday Season is looking a lot different than what we are used to. These uncertain and troubling times give even more reasons to celebrate those you love with a thoughtful gift. This year, we’ve curated our most eclectic gift guide that includes the most thoughtful and unique items perfectly suited towards the current undertow of our new reality. Rest assured, with these gifts, you’re bound to

The show must go on – Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Russia Russia just wrapped up its 41st season of The Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Along with the rest of the fashion capitals of the world, this show had to take a nontraditional format – All due to the unpredictability of Covid-19 and the restrictions that come with it. The format was a mix of virtual shows and physical shows (with a limited audience or a no audience at all policy), which helped to prevent the spread of Covid, but allowed

Almost as scary as the year 2020 itself, is the daunting thought that you still have not picked up a proper Halloween Costume. With Covid 19  a gruesome reality of 2020, sifting through bins of your local Halloween store might just give extra anxiety. So if going as a Black swan for 4th year in a row is not an option for you, here is a list of retailers that will ship you the costume of your dreams in no time. Spirit Halloween Usually, this Halloween Store pops up on

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