My Nautical Themed Baby Shower in SF and Sac

Frankly I should be writing two posts about my baby shower, because I was so lucky to have not one but two! One was in SF, where we recently moved from and the second one in Sacramento where we now live. I feel so lucky to have such an incredible set of friends and family. More then anything I am amazed at the man behind it all, my husband! We chose a modern approach to the shower rules and celebrated with all genders and family members.

When discussing with my husband that this time around pulling off a shower seemed like too much time and energy, he insisted that I must have a baby shower. He took the initiative to organize them both. I’m lucky to have such an incredible husband.  Living in Sacramento, with SF roots we knew it made the most sense to have two gatherings versus one. My dearest friend, Natalia signed up to be the creative leader in the organization of this event.

When I found out I was having a boy I already had my shower theme in mind. My late, best friend Oleg, passed away 5 years ago from a freak accident.  He played a huge role in this decision. He was obsessed with the sailor theme. Ever since his passing I dreamed of having a little boy.  I wanted to relive some of the creativity and expressiovness Oleg presented in his life. In his honor & honor of my child the theme was going to be nautical.

My head was spinning with vibrant pictures of stripes, anchors, sails and all the cute things that come with that package. When Natalia who is such a creative person initiated to head up the decor, I was over the moon.  She owns and operates a wood shop, called STATUS WOOD and creates gorgeous one of a kind pieces. Everything she does has such a special creative touch.

Here is the photo drop wall and a DIY alphabet board she came up with. I was overwhelmed when I saw her creations. The photo drop will live in my backyard. It will serve me well for the many photos  I take daily for my blog. The alphabet board is going on our little boys wall. Each letter has a fun and creative drawing by our beloved guests.
baby shower
These were fun ways to involve the guests in something without the pressure of the traditional baby shower games.  For my Sac shower we turned the letters around and replicated the content in Russian for my bilingual children.
The SF baby shower  was held at our restaurant, Skool. My gracious husband set up such a feast! Our beautiful friends came and showered us with their fabulous outfits, gracious gifts and exhilarating smiles.
For my  Sac shower, my dear friends and especially Narmina, took the existing decor pieces to another level by adding nets, star fish, and all the cutest details that transformed my back yard into a dockyard.  She even brought sailor hats for everyone. My heart was full of joy! I could see my friend Oleg dancing in the skies celebrating our little man to be.
The Sac shower turned out to be a great celebration not just for us and the friends but for all of our children. So we had all these munchkins tearing through the property with laughter and joy.
The pressure was on for me to choose just the right outfits for my showers. For SF shower I wore a gift I received from my friend Yelena, who is also the God mother to my daughter. The fish net cover up was the perfect item to give that wow effect to my outfit. I threw over a body urging stripped dress and added see themed accessories and colors to create a fun and vibrant look.
Sadly, I could not fit in it any more for my Sac shower because the last two weeks have seen my belly grow fast!  Instead, I chose a white flowy dress that I turned into a sailor extravaganza by adding a red scarf and the sailor hat. With a a touch of a few accessories like earring and red shoes, I pulled off a chic sailor look. I encouraged my guests to wear nautical themed items, so that way everyone looked the part of the fun.
I could not be happier with how the baby shower turned out in both SF and SAC. My friends brought such Pinterest worthy items and ideas, so I am thankful for all the love and creativity around me.
Special thank you goes to my one and only, Andy! My bestie Natalia and my dear friends Narmina and Irina. Thank you to our God Momma Yelena for flying all the way from LA to shower us with love and to each and everyone of our family and friends. This was a magical few days.
Thank you for reading and keep styling

OIia Kedik
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