How Nordstrom Coffee is Keeping me Sane During Quarantine


“This post is sponsored by Nordstrom, all opinions are my own”

The pleasure of enjoying a cup of coffee after shopping, during a work break or just to get out of the house is a distant memory. So much has changed in the past weeks and our world and habits have changed. 

It took me time to realize that I am now not only a mother of two little ones with a business to run, a blogging class to teach online but also a maid, a chef, and a homeschool teacher. This is an inside joke amongst many mommas who are now overloaded with more roles than before.

So how have you replaced your simple routines and pleasures, and how have you done so while staying sane?  For me, the answer is lots of coffee!   Additionally, I include a little online shopping, a whole lot of patience, and tons of humor. Coffee and humor are definitely on the top of my “keep-me-sane” list.

Nordstrom has been my go-to shopping destination since moving to Sacramento. Their cafe was one of my favorite spots to drop into for a cup of joe. Thankfully, that perk doesn’t have to change in these hard times thanks to Nordstrom for continuing to offer their online shopping, deliveries, returns, and a wide range of coffee beans that you can order and enjoy in your home. 

One other great reason to love their quality beans is that Nordstrom is one of the first National retailers to launch a full line of coffees coming from supply chains that are including, empowering, and benefitting women!
I just picked up some fresh beans from their online store and have been catching my moments of zen in a cup daily. Hopefully, these will last me through another month of this quarantined life. There is something elevating and uplifting when you have that amazing cup of coffee in this work-from-home, school-from-home, go-crazy-from-home environment. 

By now my crew at home knows my need and love for a cup of coffee. Whenever this momma is grumpy, serve her another cup and see her smile. The formula is easy to keep me happy. I just wished they would remember every time.

I’m glad for having accessibility for online shopping, zooms, and face times. And thank you Nordstorm for keeping me sane during these times. Check out the wide range of quality coffee beans they offer next time you shop at

Thank you for reading! Stay healthy and safe!


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OIia Kedik
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