My 2 Secrets to Leading a Clutter-Free Life


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In any home, there are certain areas where daily clutter tends to accumulate. You don’t know quite how it happens, but it does. Some people are okay with having clutter designated zones, however, some like me, are not. As I have two children in our household, I have learned a few tricks that help me in achieving an uncluttered space.   In our house, everyone, except maybe our toddler, appreciates these anti-cluttering habits of mine. Today I am thrilled to share them with you.

1.   Get everyone in your household on board.

 Teaching all family members that everything has its place is key to a clutter-free space. My kids know that this rule goes for everything including their toys. Everything belongs to a space. Whenever we bring anything new home, we determine where we are going to keep it so that they will always find it when needed.  Most importantly their Mother will be happy it is put back its rightful home when not being used.

2.    Clear away eye-sores 

We just crossed the 3-year mark of living in our new house in Sacramento. This is definitely a dream home for each of us in the family and is our happy place. The one thing that I still find as a challenge in my house is that certain rooms have a lack of electrical outlets. For that reason, extension cords are a must in many visible corners of my home. Being the perfectionist and neat freak that I am, these are a no-no for my state of mind, the look and wires drive me crazy. Having discovered Jasco Cordinate Décor Extension Cords was a true life-saver.  

The Cordinate Décor Extension Cord is a unique designer cord that contributes to the overall charm of your space, rather than distracting from the room’s atmosphere. The woven fabric cord cover is offered in a number of trendy colors and patterns, giving you a variety of exciting options for your home or workspace. The thoughtful construction of the extension cord includes a flat plug, making it convenient to connect your devices behind furniture and tight spaces.

The quality and the aesthetic of the Cordinate Décor Extensions Cordsis such an upgrade from the long cords behind every nook of my house that were constant major eye-sores. 

A few of the areas that are benefiting from these cool extension cords are Yana’s new room and my bedroom. They say an apple does not fall far from the tree, and Yana is already proving to be a very tidy young lady. We recently got her room ready for Kindergarten that she is about to begin. Her creative space could not be as functional without the Cordinate Décor Extension Cords by JascoI love that it has outlets for the light and charging stations. Plus for added safety, the tamper-resistant outlet helps ensure any small items beside the plug will be locked out. The extra layer of fabric not only increases the cable’s durability but keeps the cord from being bent and tangled. 

Additionally, the spaces that are benefiting hugely are my bedroom, living space and my deck. I am sure I am not alone admitting that I get much of my work done bed-side, on the couch or outside on the porch. Nighttime is the most productive time for me. The little ones and often my hubby are finally in bed, the computer and the phone are out and maybe a glass of wine is poured. With  Cordinate Décor Extension Cords I can have everything charging right next to me and not have to worry that my space is looking cluttered or out of place.  I am all about the aesthetics and Jasco products are definitely serving looks. 

So glad to say goodbye to ugly cords! I am one of these people who cannot stand things out of order. Since I mostly work from home, it is that much more important for me to have a space that allows me to create. These cords work really well in our space and complement and coordinate the decor style.  You can pick up Cordinate products on Jasco’s WebsiteAmazon or Target just to name a few. You can check out ALL Cordinate products at!  🙂

I would love to hear your tips and tricks on leading a clutter free life.

Thank you for reading and keep styling,

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OIia Kedik
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