Most Amazing Cities in The Middle East to Visit This Winter

Hopefully this winter we will be able to travel again! There isn’t a better time to take a vacation to visit far flung places. The best vacation location in winter is the Middle East, and you should visit this stunning part of the world if the coronavirus pandemic slows down. Below are some of the top cities to tour for your next Arabic getaway! 


Riyadh is the capital city of Saudi Arabia. It is also the largest city on the Arabian Peninsula and the second-largest one in the Arab world. The city is packed with a variety of attractions like the Kingdom center, which you can read all about on architectural design sites like This megastructure features a stunning, contemporary architectural design you won’t want to miss! It is made up of a tower that is built on a 94,230-square meter piece of land. At this place, you can do some shopping and enjoy the sites. You can also enjoy the vernacular architecture of the ancient city of Riyadh, the variety of archaeological sites, and a range of museums.


Baalbek is a city located in the state of Lebanon. It is situated on the east of the Litani River and the Beeqa valley of Lebanon. In Baalbek, you can visit the Baalbek Temple Complex. The complex is made of two of the largest temple ruins (Bacchus and Jupiter) built by the ancient Romans. The temple complex is one of the most significant attractions in the city. Baalbek also offers incredible traditional cuisines and warm people with whom you might enjoy learning about the city. 

Al Balad

Al Balad is the second-largest city in the state of Saudi Arabia and the historic center of Jeddah the town. It is the home to one of the only non-Muslim cemeteries which are hidden from sight with a high wall and a series of tall trees. At Al Balad, you can also enjoy the Misk Historic Jeddah. This is an annual occasion that occurs at Jeddah’s historical centre. The event highlights the history and culture of the city of Al Balad. Al Balad is also known as the gate to Makkah!


Jerusalem is one of the most famous cities in the Middle East! It is located on a plateau between the Mediterranean Sea and the Dead Sea. It is one of the oldest cities in the world and has religious significance. While visiting the city, you can explore the history it has to offer. From the ancient Egyptian sources to the prehistoric architecture, Jerusalem has a lot to offer. You can also enjoy the hot-summer Mediterranean climate that it has to offer.


Petra is an ancient archaeological city situated in the southern region of Jordan. The town is recognized as the capital of the Nabataean Kingdom. Petra, in many ways, resembles a fortress. In the region, you can enjoy the historical architecture, the warm climate, and the various attractions within and in the outskirts of the city. 

The Middle East is packed with incredible attractions, each different from the other, depending on the city you decide to visit. The climate of the region is also an attractive feature that most tourists look out for. The area is packed with historical significance that you can always enjoy exploring. 

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