Late Claude Monet at the De Young: 3 Interesting Facts

Oscar-Claude Monet produced well over 2000 paintings throughout his 86 years of life and a very long career as an artist. But it is his late works that he is most remembered by. He had a very hard time dealing with the loss of his son and beloved wife and spent endless days and hours in his French garden, in a town outside of Paris, painting his favorite willow tree and lilies.  The exhibit is currently on display at The De Young Museum until May 27th. It features fifty impressionism paintings from artist Claude Monet from 1913 to 1926.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – February 13 – Atmosphere at Monet: The Late Years Black Tie Dinner at the de Young on February 13th 2019 at de Young Museum in SAN FRANCISCO, CA (Photo – Drew Altizer)

At first glance, the Late Claude Monet exhibition may seem slightly one dimensional – focusing only on the master’s garden that he artfully executes in his signature bluish tones. However, as you start your journey thru the exhibit, you find yourself in tune with his garden with each painting revealing a new perspective of his favorite subject; his garden.

late claude monet
SAN FRANCISCO, CA – February 13 – Atmosphere at Monet: The Late Years Black Tie Dinner at the de Young on February 13th 2019 at de Young Museum in SAN FRANCISCO, CA (Photo – Drew Altizer)

Monet enjoyed his garden more than anything else. The willow tree and lilies were his favorite subjects to paint.  He could spend the whole day from first ray of sunshine, until sundown, painting his favorite “Nimpheas”, “Pond with Lilies” and old willows. Monet is said to have strongly disliked painting inside. His mood mirrored gloomy weather as he could do not work in his garden.

Late Claude Monet
Monet Weeping Willow 1918-1919- Photo Courtesy Drew Altezier

It turns out Monet had troubled vision which explains the monotone style of his purplish and greenish paintings. It is the double cataract surgery on his eyes that changed his perception of ultraviolet into bluish and purplish shades. Magically it is those bluish lilies we find so gorgeous and convincing that one can easily forget that they are white! Art curators of the world sure seem to appreciate it, in 2008 one of the late pictures of the series “Pond with Nimpheas” was sold at “Sotbis” auction in London for 41 million pounds!

Almost all paintings presented at this exhibit come from private collections and are a real treat for anyone in San Francisco to see. I visited the exhibit with my kids and parents and everyone enjoyed this rare treat.

“Monet: The Late Years”: 9:30 a.m.-5:15 p.m., Tuesday-Sunday. Saturday, Feb. 16-May 27. $20-$35. De Young Museum, Golden Gate Park, 50 Hagiwara Tea Garden Drive, S.F. 415-750-3600.

OIia Kedik
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  1. Minat says:

    Thanks a lot for this information. He is great a human being!

  2. I love Monet’s paintings. They are so dreamy looking, my favourite is still the water lillies one.

  3. Emily Fata says:

    Monet is one of my favourite painters of all time. The soft colours and delicate brushwork all serve to create such brilliant masterpieces. It’s no wonder that they captivate so many!

  4. WOW that is amazing! I would love to go see this one day – those paintings are breathtaking!

  5. Chad says:

    OMG Monet is my fav artist!!! I’ve seen some of his work at the Louvre in Paris, amazing artist.

  6. cait says:

    oh my gosh what a great time and love lvoe love the water lillies one! love this article you wrote!

  7. Susan Quackenbush says:

    The Monet Weeping Willow is my favorite. I sure would love to come see this.

  8. Jessa B. says:

    i wish i could fly to San Francisco right now! do you know where the next exhibit will be? hopefully in Sydney!!!

  9. lau says:

    My parents love Monet, they have two replicas at home! I loved studying history of art, and I remember getting lost in museums with the school trips admiring these beautiful paintings.


  10. Pon says:

    Lovely painting, Thanks for sharing!

  11. Seeing his artworks up close is such an amazing experience. Lucky kids! 🙂

  12. I would love to experience this. It’s good that your kids got this amazing experience.

  13. Alexandra Cook says:

    Oh wow, over 2000 paintings is just amazing. He is truly a talented artist.

  14. Clare Minall says:

    Oscar Monet is reallt an inspiration. I love his artworks. I can still remember when I first start painting. I always look up to him.

  15. Akriti says:

    Monet’s paintings are very extraordinary. I love the way he paints his favorite willow tree. Beautiful 🙂

  16. I think Monet’s paintings and his style are soothing. Just something about the colors and technique he used, as well as the subject matter.

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