The Joshua Tree Magic – Three Reason You Will Want To Visit

Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree visit has been on our wish list for a while. I have seen so many captures that had me captivated on this dreamy place of California. So, when our God Momma, suggested we meet there before the start of the school year, Andy and I jumped on the opportunity. We packed a car loaded full of our kids’ necessities, and headed Southeast California to experience the magic of the Joshua Tree.

We opted to drive as we wanted  to see a few parts of California like Death Valley and other national parks we otherwise would not see. Driving with kids is not an easy task, but totally doable if you plan your stops in between.  A mandatory bite at the In-And-Out Burger, a shopping spree at the UFO jerky convenience store and a dip in an alpine river are a few stops that entertained our fun crew along the way.

There is so much to love about that area. Below are my three reasons you will want to plan a visit to this magical national treasure.

1. Magnificent Trees and Boulders

Seven hours into our drive we began to see those one of a kind trees scattered amongst the dessert landscape. The area is covered with these wicked looking trees, but if you head into the Joshua Tree National Park, the experience is magnified by the addition of enormous boulders that have very unique formations and placements.

2. Incredible Sunsets

The sunsets are another factor that add to the magic of Joshua Tree. Once the sun sets behinds the mountains it cast this magical glow. You will enjoy the sky turning all sorts of pinks and purples.

3. Amazing Photo Props

Being a photo-seeking-junkie like myself, this place is just perfect for that awesome picture. The setting of the National park is full of boulders, Joshua Trees and dessert plants. These elements make it ideal for your unique outfits and vibrant clothes. I suggest you get creative, bring out the festival gear. Just a few miles away from the park is a dainty little town called Pioneer Town. Snap some shots in the functioning movie set behind a fun cowboy bar, named Pappys and Harriets. The set was build in the early 50s for the famous western movies, like Riders in the Sky and The Cisco Kid. I was over the moon with the opportunity to roam around this faux Western Town and take some banging photos.

Whether you end up in Joshua Tree for a long weekend to explore the park, listen to a band at Pappy and Harriet’s or watch the most colorful sunset and vivid night stars, this place will not disappoint you.

Thank you for reading and keep styling,


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23 Discussion to this post

  1. anosa says:

    Not heard of Joshua Tree magic but can definitely see the appeal, love your outfits

  2. Chris says:

    This is my first time of hearing about such a place “Joshua tree magic”.

    Although, over here in Africa we have similar places like this and they happen where everyone dreams to visit.

    Such places are worth being explored.

    Lovely shots you have here.

  3. Apolline says:

    Omg, your pictures and the scenes are so beautiful! Plus I admire your style too especially the black outfit.

  4. Joanna says:

    I love the feel of the wild wild west that this national park has, especially with those buildings from Pioneer Town. You definitely have the impression that you are in a cowboy movie.

  5. I am digging this wild west look of this park. I am definitely visiting here, thanks for sharing.

  6. STACEY says:

    It looks like you packed a bunch of really cute outfits too. It looks like an interesting place– deserts are mysterious because life manages to survive under such dry conditions. GlaD YOU CHECKED THIS OFF YOURBUCKET LIST.

  7. Tara Pittman says:

    The movie set would be so cool to see. This town looks so similar to my town in New Mexico.

  8. mdaisi says:

    The Joshua Tree seems like a nice relaxing place to visit. It definitely would be good to go to something like this and escape the city. I will keep it as one of my recommendations. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Maysz says:

    Wow Lovely place looks like cowboy town. I Like your photos! so beautiful.

  10. I used to go to Joshua Tree frequently when I was in Uni. One of the classes I took required us to go rock climbing there once a month. It was so lovely and incredible!

  11. Stephanie says:

    Great photos! This park looks absolutely gorgeous and it’s definitely going on my list of places to see!

  12. I am loving your outfits and your hair! Seems like a cool place to go visit!

  13. Thena says:

    This is awesome! Your three reasons solidified by need for a visit.

  14. This looks like a wonderful place to visit. Would love to spend the weekend there.

  15. Sigrid Says says:

    This is the first time I have heard of Joshua Tree Magic. But I can only imagine the heat. I can’t stay out for long out in the sun. By the way, your outfits are on point! 😀 Love them all.

  16. Hannah Marie says:

    This is the first time I’ve heard of this place. It looks interesting! Love all your outfit, so fab!

  17. This is definitely an area of the country hubby and I would like to visit. I appreciate seeing the pictures, as it is like a virtual tour. Your outfits are great, too!

  18. tania says:

    Wow! i want to visit already! your pictures look magical and the description is awesome! Thanks for sharing

  19. Victoria says:

    Joshua tree for real! can’t believe there’s a place in the world like this, but it’s beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  20. Inspired says:

    Reading this piece wants to make me put the Joshua Tree Magic on my wish list too.
    Awesome read.

  21. Sweet says:

    I am hearing of Joshua tree magic for the very first time, and your outfit makes the memory stick. Lovely.

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