How to Dream Online 101

These days maybe you are getting cabin fever at home and you are dying to travel, eat the best food, and even purchase something. We can sure dream, but these are all dreams we hope can turn into realities. 

Here are as some ideas to dream of:

Wander through Milan

Some of us are dying for Milanese fashion, but for now, we can shop online for many brands and check out watches online from places such as Pisa Orologeria, a watch shop in Italy. It’s a way you can experience Milan from the comfort and safety of your home while also supporting local artisans and adding select pieces to your wardrobe.

Argentinian Tango

You don’t have to attend a dance class in-person to learn a new style of dance! You can watch videos online on how to tango and learn one of the most sexual dances at home, hoping someday you will make it to Argentina to dance along with the masters. This will make your time and experience in Argentina even more special as you get to dance with locals and put all that practice to good use! 

Learn French wines

There is so much to French wine, and learning about it is fun and a way you can further experience wine culture. Do your research online of all of the types of French wines, learn their consistencies and imagine yourself in France touring all of the wineries or throughout the Champagne region. Have some fun with it and taste wine, pair wine with recommended foods, and make an event of it at home. Plus, you’ll feel more confident while dining out to order a wine you know you’ll enjoy! You want to know a few go-to whites, reds, sparklings, and rosés.

Japanese sushi

Do you love sushi and want to learn how to make it at home? Try your hand at making sushi like how they do in Japan by picking up necessary tools and ingredients, following a how-to video online, and practicing! Make it an experience, learn about the different types of fish, and have fun making the dishes with your loved ones. Just remember to pick up sushi-grade fish, or opt to start with something like a California roll or veggie roll. 

Making sushi is actually really fun to make at home, especially if you roll some sushi rolls! 

Last step: Begin planning a trip to any of these places so you can visit when it is safe and live out your dream! 

If you have always dreamt of an experience like one of these or something similar, start now! You can dream and learn so much from your home and at the very least have a starting point for when you do get to go out and experience them elsewhere. 

Thank you for reading and keep dreaming,


Guest Blog by Maria Davis

OIia Kedik
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