How To Avoid Online Fraud While Shopping For Clothes

Shopping online is a fun activity, especially since the pandemic hit and store outings became a faint memory. However, shopping online can come with its lessons and disappointments. 

Quite often, the price we pay for having that one-click capability and same-day delivery are issues like scams, viruses, stolen CC information, and even worse identity theft. 

Have you ever fallen a victim of fraud online? These five simple steps will protect you when shopping online.

Is it verified? Check before you click.

Be wary of an ad promoting users and clicking on links. Go to their website to verify its validity; this will help determine the company’s legitimacy. To make sure if the company is valid, visit eminent sites that help authenticate links.

Check if the website is secure. 

Any website address must begin with: HTTPS://. Try looking for a padlock in the address bar next to the website address. A green address bar on particular browsers and websites will turn the address bar green—finally, a valid certificate, which explains the site’s license, including various information. Keep in mind, this only means the site is reliable, not the seller.  

Use common sense – check twice.

Scammers will go any route to catfish you into purchasing items by setting up fake e-commerce sites. To avoid that, start by reading reviews. You can also try to explore the location on maps. If you find no reviews, location looks funny or there is no contact information – run! This is a sign to not do any business with them.  

Be very careful when inputting your CC.

online fraud
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Scammers are waiting for you to input your credit card information before checking the sites validity. As previously mentioned, to avoid online fraud, verify sellers validity before purchasing an item with your credit card. 

If you find yourself as a victim of fraud, contact the online seller and the website you used. To take extra precautions, cancel your credit card or contact your bank to stop the purchase. 

Check its reputation before getting involved.

Here is a website reputation checker. A service that will help you detect potential malicious websites. A secure and safe site, getting the job done faster than your computer clicks. 

We live in times when the world has become more digital, more vulnerable, more unstable. Scammers and thieves have no problem going the extra mile to trick us. So, when you re shopping online, use precautions and the above steps to avoid getting disappointed.

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OIia Kedik
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