How to have a healthy glow this summer

body scrub

Summer is here in full swing and this means bikini and bare skin time. As women, we strive to achieve that flawless, healthy glowing skin no matter the effort. It can be a daunting task as the inevitable effects of pollution, diet and stress are often reflected fist and foremost on our skin.


The good news is that we can nourish our skin, and below are some simple tips to keep us looking flawless this summer season. I have found there are a few key rules when it comes to maintaining healthy skin.

The number one rule is consistency. If you want to see any results you have to be consistent with your routine every day. Your morning and evening efforts will pay off and be noticebly visible.

Secondly, hydration is so important, both internally and externally. That extra glass of water a day has proven to do wonders for our skin. I realize how bad I am at this simple task, and each time when summer comes around I  promise myself to step up that water intake. Externally, applying the right hydrating moisturizers on our skin is an effective yet somewhat temporary fix for most of the symptoms of dryness.

body scrub

I am pretty lucky to have good complexion, but like many of you, struggle with whiteheads, blackheads and dry flaky skin. I am happy to say, I found scrubs to be a fantastic cure to perk up dead and dull looking skin. Adding a scrub to your skin care routine can provide the polish and glow you want for the summer season.


NuBotanik scrub is made out of all natural ingredients, and is made right here in California. The main ingredient is coffeeberry which is extracted from the whole coffee fruit and is loaded with antioxidants and beneficial compounds for our skin.



This NuBotanik body scrub is going to be a new staple in my skin care routine. I chose to try the coconut scent. Anything that smells like coconut tends to put me in the right mood. I have used the scrub a couple of times now and am extremely satisfied with the results. My skin feels rejuvenated, exfoliated and extremely smooth. You know the results are right when your hubby compliments you on how silky smooth your skin is without knowing what efforts were put in to achieve it. Give it a try and let me know your results.

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Get NuBotanik Scrub Here

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Thank you for reading and keep styling,


OIia Kedik
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