Your Guide for Spring-Summer 2020 Handbag Styles

2020 is a year full of surprises. Thankfully Spring 2020 fashion shows had some fun surprises in store for us. From the return of the strappy sandals to the disco collar, many ideas were literally ‘blast from the past’, while other trends were more innovative. If you are a handbag hoarder (like me!), you should definitely check this list of spring-summer 2020 handbag trends that have things you would want to own right away. 

Innovative slings
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Slings are typically considered go-to bags. No matter where you are heading, you can always choose to select a sling that stands out. For spring 2020, designers worked with more unique shapes, designs, and colors that are anything but conforming. The good news is there are no strict dos and don’ts, so you can always pick your style. You can view more here to find sling designs. 

Too tiny

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Miniature handbags are always cute to look at, but more itsy-bitsy designs made their way on the runways this season. If the function is your thing, this is definitely not for you, but if you are after the cute factor, you must own one. Go for a size that can at least accommodate your phone and makeup essentials. Small bags pack a big punch for sure. 

Floral prints

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If we had to pick one trend that definitely makes the cut in spring-summer 2020, it has to be the floral print. Floral prints are extremely beautiful, and designers worked with micro designs that are anything but simple. Think of the vintage florals, and you can pick colors like soft pink or lavender, which should work across a range of outfits and looks. 


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Many designers also worked with natural fibers and options like wicker, which gave a trendy twist to the standard handbag style. Considering that sustainability is the way to go, this is one trend that will make sense for many seasons, and we promise that the designs are anything but boring. You can go for a standard clutch or something like a huge tote- the choices are many. 

Buckle it up

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Sometime back, big and oversized standout buckles were a thing in shoes and belts. The trend has now moved on to handbags. You will see a lot of these big buckled designs, which may be just an accessory, but add considerable dimension to what could be otherwise called a simple handbag. 

Bonus trend: If there has to be one color in handbags for spring 2020, it has to be orange. Go for clutches, wallets, big totes, functional satchels, or any kind of shape you like, but orange is definitely the new black. 

I hope you found the post fun and helpful. Start scouting online stores to find some of these trends, and don’t forget to subscribe to this blog that has some amazing content for fashion enthusiasts. 

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Author’s Bio: Suzy Walsh is the fashion editor for growing style blog – the House of Elegance Fashion. She has worked with many websites, blogs, and online magazines as a guest author on fashion, and her expertise includes an understanding of the runway trends.

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