Food Scene In Moscow Is Hot: Check Out My Five Must Try Restaurants

There is plenty of news thrown our way about Russia these days. With the World Cup fast approaching, it is a good time to channel some positive thoughts about what this country has to offer. Many are currently planning their trip to Russia, anticipating the experience of the World Cup and immersing themselves in the culture. One of the most exciting questions that arises when traveling to a new destination is what restaurants are a must to visit. This post has you covered on the best of the food scene in Moscow. My recent trip to cover Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia left me in awe over some of these top-notch restaurants.

The times of Soviet style cafeterias serving blinis and borsht are long gone. Over the last decade, Moscow has positioned itself as a culinary destination worth traveling to and talking about. The cafeterias and lack of quality options have been replaced with endless dining establishments offering both exquisite menus as well as casual options from around the world. Moscow has become a very competitive city for restaurateurs. They end up having to work hard to impress their guests. These five options listed below have earned themselves a must try spot on my list.

1.Twin Gardens

My favorite experience of all was at Twin Gardens. Nestled in the depth of birchwood tree corridor, guests are escorted to the main floor of a beautifully designed space that offers an impressive open kitchen. Our table was set up on the second floor of the restaurant that sits in a winter garden style deck offering a panoramic view of the city center. The modern yet cozy space creates anticipation for the food to be served. The menu is crafted by twin brothers and revolutionizes the traditional Russian cuisine. Everything we had was sourced from their very own farm and delivered in such a creative and delicious way. Dishes like “Kamchatskiy Crab”, “Boar Tartare” and this delicate “Tomato Medley Pie” took us on a culinary tour I will never forget.

Twins Garden

2. Insight

This place takes the win for its decor and the incredible views it offers its diners from the 84th floor of the OKO building towers. It is probably one of the most sought-after destinations amongst the foodies and the local celebrities. You definitely need to call to make a reservation for this place. We went through a few sets of double doors making it a very anticipated moment to actually see the restaurant space. Face control is a thing in Moscow, so look your best when going to a fine establishment.

Insight Restaurant

I still dream about their mirror and window seats that made you feel on top of the world, literally. Insight offers an impressive seafood menu. They boast to have most of their ingredients delivered directly from the source, and in the air for less then 24 hrs. Distance is not an issue for Russians who aim to impress visitors with unique and fresh ingredients. I tried their incredible “Toro Kama”and crab dim sum. I try a Kama whenever one is offered on the menu. This one deserves a nod to the chef for delivering a truly flavorful plate. The menu also offers delicacies like fugu and horse carpaccio.

food scene in Moscow

Insight Restaurant

3. Usachevsky Market

This is one of the oldest farmers markets in Moscow. Its history dates back to the 19th century. The market recently went through a major renovation and now offers a vast variety of modern eateries. From Uzbekistan to Japan your palette is sure in for a treat. We tried the “Odjahuri”, a quaint Georgian spot. I am still dreaming of the delightful “Khinkali”. It is a very popular Georgian dumpling made of twisted knobs of dough, stuffed with meat and spices.  Usachesvky market is ideal for a casual stroll through the isles, some very fresh produce and a yummy grab and go snack.

Usachevsky Market

4. Lepim Varim

The name translates to Shape and Boil and serves the number one iconic Russian dish known as dumplings. I fell in love with this casual concept for its simplicity yet creativity in the delivery of their dishes. This is not just any ordinary dumpling shop. Lepim Varim offers a huge variety of ingredients like fish, shrimp and squid ink to name a few. For those wanting the Pelmeni the traditional way, with chicken or beef, you will not be disappointed. Plus, the clever design elements make it a very fun experience for a quick lunch break. They have a few locations in Moscow, therefore make sure to stop and grab your self a bowl at one of them.

Lepim Varim

5. Pushkin Cafe

This iconic restaurant opened its doors in 1999 and serves Russian-French cuisine. It has been a very popular destination amongst tourists and high society Muscovites ever since. This restaurant is truly a landmark. The decor is so classic and beautiful. Pushkin Cafe offers traditional Russian dishes like “Herring Under a Fur Coat” and salad “Olivie”, but delivered with a refined twist.

Pushkin Cafe

Pushkin Cafe

Lastly, Community is a dream concept for a creative connoisseur. The artistic space resembles a cutting edge library. It offers a delicious restaurant with a sleek lounge area and a separate tea room. We enjoyed dinner, then chilled at the lounge listening to a great DJ spinning sexy down-tempo tunes. It has a creative and fun vibe that makes you want to go back for more.

The Community Moscow

Moscow is truly a magnificent city. Whether you are looking for a one of a kind dining experience or a quick, casual concept on the go, the food scene in Moscow deserves a spot on the culinary map. My family and I are heading to Moscow in late June for the World Cup and to explore the beautiful city and the many things it has to offer. Drop me a note if you too are going to the World Cup and whether this post makes you want to dine in one of these great places.

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OIia Kedik
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    Looks great, can’t wait to travel there!

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    Looks great, I can’t wait to travel there.

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    All of the choices look so good! I want to try them all 🙂

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