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For those of you who have been following me for a while, you know I stay close to my intention which is fashion styling and helping my readers make their own creative statement. Occasionally, I step out to look at my industry from a different perspective.

I get a lot of questions on what it takes to become a fashion blogger and influencer. Well, there are many ways to get there. Today I share with you how I got started and how you too, can pursue this innovative and exciting career.

When I went to college not too many knew about fashion bloggers or influencers. It is really exciting to see how much this industry has evolved in the last ten years. Undoubtedly, fashion journalism and blogging will continue to evolve and position itself as a desirable career.

As far as my journey it started off as a hobby. Now it is less than a hobby, but rather a full time job. Because of this hobby and following my vision and staying true to it, I am where I am at today. I have learned a lot by trial and error, and believing in myself. Consequently, there are some great programs these days that accelerate the learning process and help you advance faster.

I graduated with a degree in Advertising in San Francisco and another one in Linguistics from a University back in Moscow. Who knew that I would end up writing about fashion and creating my own adverting campaigns?

Today you need versatility and deep knowledge of industry practices as well as digital formats. You also need the ability to anticipate and to adapt to an ever-changing media landscape. Earning a top-rated journalism degree is one of the most direct and effective ways to gain the skills and know-how to prevail in this industry.

Several programs stand on top worldwide. So I have narrowed down the top three choices that I researched. One of them is in my home area in San Francisco, the Academy of Art University program. I am an alumni of the AAU and believe in their vision.

#1: Academy of Art University

As the largest private university of art and design in the U.S., Academy of Art University has the most versatile and comprehensive curriculums in fashion journalism education. It’s unparalleled AA, BA, and MA fashion journalism programs are the only designated and accredited programs of its kind in the nation. From social media law and ethics to data analytics and fashion criticism (exclusive to the program), the courses offer a broad spectrum of online and on-site courses. Those courses   give students a multidisciplinary education that merges digital media, visual communication, journalistic techniques, and historical and contemporary studies. Students are taught by a cadre of prolific industry experts how to effectively create and deliver timely, relevant content across platforms, as well as the art of packaging and distribution. Students have gone on to work for Women’s Wear Daily, Nylon, and Refinery29.

Stephan Rabimov, director of the Social Media Center and Fashion Journalism at Academy of Art University, leading a discussion on social media strategies; Source: Fashion School Daily

#2: London College of Fashion

Source: University of the Arts London

For those looking to gain the technical and conceptual skills of fashion journalism in the culturally rich and diverse setting of a fashion capital, University of the Arts London: London College of Fashion (LCM) is a standout. Out of over 70 specialized undergraduate and postgraduate degrees that LCM offers, its BA (Hons) and MA Fashion Journalism programs are exceptional.

Paul Tierney presents ‘How to Make it as a Fashion Jounalist’; Source: University of Arts London

#3: Polimoda

Polimoda headquarters in Villa Favard in Florence, Italy; Source: Polimoda

For those looking for a concise education without the time commitment, Polimoda is the school to check out. While the Italian university doesn’t have undergraduate or master programs for fashion journalism, it does offer a seasonal, one month fashion journalism crash course that covers basic journalistic skills as well as studies of contemporary fashion, sociology and psychology of art and fashion, subcultures, digital styling, and blogging.

Thank you for reading.

Always be true to your passion and you will achieve success,


OIia Kedik
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