Fashion Trends that Will Be All the Rage in 2021

In a short while, we will be saying goodbye to dreadful 2020 and welcoming 2021. A new year means a new beginning. But with a new year come new fashion trends as well. In their abundance, some have already managed to stand out. Here are the most important fashion trends for 2021.

Body-Hugging Tops

Image Courtesy Free People

As a trend, second-skin or body-hugging tops has been growing for years. Although lesser-known brands have started this trend, huge names in the fashion world are set to take over. Body-hugging tops go well with sweatpants, trousers, and jeans. More importantly, they can serve as an undershirt beneath a coat or knit. No wonder everyone so eager to start experimenting with this look!

Baggy Pants 

Image Courtesy Karina Nigay

Oversized and casual styles will mark 2021. Such clothing items have been on the rise for decades, with many celebrities acting as their ambassadors. In particular, loose pants or trousers will be making a big comeback next year. It is a heedless and careless style everyone can pull off. It goes hand in hand with knitted tops and stylish blazers.

Knitted Polo Shirts


All lovers of pique polos will be glad to hear their sophisticated alternative is ready to take the fashion world by the storm. Knitted polo shirts have been trending for a while. Fashion experts believe the trend will achieve its peak of popularity in 2021. They bring back the good old ‘70s vibe. To make the most out of this fashion style, fashionistas can combine different shades of the same color.

Checkerboard Printed Pieces 

Polka dots, stripes, and animal prints are a thing of the past. Checkerboard prints are the talk of the town. They are a trend that never goes out of fashion. However, most designers are adjusting them to accommodate today’s modern fashion. As the Raffles Milan master’s degree in fashion design and business teaches, when traditional methods clash with cutting-edge ones, timeless elegance is born. In other words: The more checkerboard prints, the better. 

Splash of Bubblegum Pink 

Image Courtesy Blair Eadie

Every year, a fresh and bold color emerges as a fashion trend. For 2021, that color is bubblegum pink. Designers can’t wait for spring when they can finally reveal their fearless statement pieces in this particular shade. They are most likely to pair it with the everlasting black and neutral tones, such as camel and gray, and make the pieces even more audacious.

Which one of these trends will you be trying out in the New Year?

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Guest Post by Jennifer Hahn Masterson

OIia Kedik
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  1. Phuong Mai says:

    I really love this! Now I know what to invest in my closet next year and I really look forward to the return of baggy pants! Thanks for the informative post

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