Fashion Community Week San Francisco – Changing The Stereotype

fashion community week

Fashion is tugging at the coattails of tech-driven San Francisco.  With technology consuming the headlines and conversations of Bay Area locals it is great to see a reemergence of fashion of the arts to this city.

Fashion Community Week founded by Shirin Hashem has been changing this agenda for the past 6 years. The event draws international and local talent providing a platform for these emerging designers and models to succeed and tap into a bigger market.

Last Saturday Fashion Community Week wrapped up its Spring season showcasing brands from Korea, Bulgaria, LA, and the Bay just to name a few. The 4-day event was filled with fashion conference, brand presentation, runway shows, media event, networking, showroom and an opportunity to Shop the Runway collection.

“The Program is run by MBA students from Hult International Business School. It is a 6-month boot camp training on how to run an agency. The students start with research on each of the countries and go from continent to continent, picking out young undiscovered talent. Then they go through the outreach and selection process. This year we have talent from Korea, Bulgaria, India, China and of course from the Bay. We provide all the support they need to come here and do their first show. This gets them exposures to buyers and a larger audience. The main focus is to help them launch in the show, to get purchase orders and provide support throughout the process. Fashion Community Week helps these young brands to position and build their presence. ”

Shirin Hashem

All this talent with freshly launched brands have high ambitions, want to tap into a bigger market and get a show under their belt. The two standout designers from the days I visited Fashion Community Week are Accent Styles and Seoul Painters .

Accent Styles is a local & sustainable label, taking repurposing of mens and women’s blazers to a whole new level. Seoul Painters a Korean designer, showed futuristic garments made out of denim and plastic. The show was held at the beautiful Clift Hotel and drew hundreds of visionaries and fashion enthusiasts alike.

Hats off to Fashion Community Week, the students and the founders who bring this to San Francisco.  They are not just providing an opportunity for young talent, but are truly changing the dynamic of San Francisco’s fashion scene.

OIia Kedik
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