An ExerSaucer Toy Everyone in the Family Can Enjoy


Doesn’t it feel like this Summer just flew by? I bet most of you will agree that time seems to go by more quickly after having kids.  Both of my children are Summer babies. We celebrated two big birthdays these past few months and accumulated lots of new toys to say the least. With Summer about to wrap up, kids schedules will get tighter & many of the toys might get forgotten.

The best part seeing your children grow up is watching their beautiful journey of development. Seeing their blossoming personalities is so exciting and rewarding.  However, these days we are faced with the social pressures of doing the ‘right thing’ for our kids.  Weather it be reading them the right books, letting them play with the right toys, sending them to the best school and so on.

When it comes to buying toys for our kids my biggest concerns revolve around clutter and storage space. The first year of babies’ life brings so many new items into your home, many end up barely used at all. Today I am sharing a product that offers versatility for different developmental stages of your wee ones. Most importantly it provides longevity of use for your children so they can enjoy it for years to come.

The EvenFlo ExerSaucer Gleeful Sea is surprisingly functional. It is also aesthetically pleasing, which is a rarity for this type of product. More importantly it is designed to grow and adapt with your children’s needs, both your infant and an older sibling.

The EvenFlo ExerSaucer Sea delivers multiple stages of excitement – a bouncing activity for your baby, stand and play table for a cruiser like Kai and art and activity table for someone like Yana. I love that they both can enjoy it. Kai can spend extended amount of time standing & admiring his sister’s activities.

The attachments are perfect for his exploring stage while the freedom to cruise around, provides that learning curve towards the first steps.

The ExerSaucer gets an A+ for the looks. It blends really well into clean lined décor and does not give that cluttered playroom feel. The first years accumulation of baby items gave me such anxiety!


My favorite part is that Yana can use the table for her art and hopefully inspire her little brother to enjoy coloring as much as she does. The middle compartments hold her crayons neatly and turns out to be more entertaining than expected.

As a mother and business women who works from home, I cannot help but enjoy the five minutes of freedom this product provides. Whether it is a quick email response or a surf on the couch, those minutes are far and few between, but so very appreciated.

Get your ExerSaucer Gleeful Sea Here

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Thank you to Evenflo for kindly sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% honest & completely my own.

Photography Inna Stiblina

OIia Kedik
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  1. Andy Mirabell says:

    Supper great product, it’s so multifunctional. Cut kiddos also:>

  2. This sounds like such a great toy and your little ones are too cute!

  3. Laritsa Nicasio says:

    Your kids are so beautiful 😍 and that toy looks fun

  4. Jamie says:

    Love the multipurpose use of it!

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