Emerging Designers from Russia To Put on Your Radar

Across the globe, emerging designers have finally been receiving long overdue credit for their unique and underrated work; this is specifically true for Russian brands. J. Kim, Yana Bezfamilnaya, Saynomore, Vereja, Gerda Irene, and Nastya Nekrasova, are all brands that are consistently setting trends and becoming discoverable throughout the world. Their polished creations can elevate any boring wardrobe into the closet of your dreams. 

As more young brands emanate from Russia, many have recognized the area to be a booming source of breathtaking concepts and rare beauty. 

Alexander Shumsky, the president of the National Fashion Chamber, was quoted analysing Russia’s capital to Euronews.

“We have made Moscow a hub for cheaper designer brands that are interesting in their identity, create unusual fashion, interesting content and have great potential!”

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Russia occurs twice a year and acts as a crutch for smaller designers and an outlet for the hottest designs each season. Opportunities like this perpetuate the evolution of emerging designers and can speed up their growth. 

Russia continues to impress the fashion world with innovative techniques and impressive configurations. Below are six amazing emerging designers that will transform any basic look into something spectacular.


Combining her experiences of multiple cultures, Kim incorporates traditional Korean references with feminine characteristics. Her goal with designing is to create a modern twist on Asian inspired clothes. Raised in Uzbekistan, and currently  living in Moscow, she incorporates the diverse scenes she’s encountered.

Strategic cut outs and dainty silhouettes make J. Kim a key influence in contemporary fashion. 

Yana Bezfamilnaya

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Russian fashion designer Yana Bezfamilnaya has created an eclectic collection of clothes for women, playing with both traditional and modern designs to create something unique. Her clothing is based on confidence; one recurring design element she uses are abstract outlines which represent the female body as art meant to be seen rather than hidden like 99% percent other times where breasts would usually go unnoticed.


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Saynomore is the place for women who want to be sexy, confident and comfortable in their own skin. Whether it’s an hourglass figure or boob-baring outfit; SayNoMore will have what you need!
The Moscow based brand has fabricated all these garments with one goal: To give woman freedom through style–and they succeed wildly well at that.


Vereja uses traditional Russian crocheting techniques to explore the body and sexuality. Igor Andreev, the founder, first learned to knit as a child at school, much later, in 2018 he and his best friend, Masha Komarova launched their brand. Focusing on upcycled silhouettes, their work varies from extensive crochet dresses to colorful knit tops. All of Vereja’s garments are hand-knitted, often using reclaimed sweaters, tablecloths, and doilies. The key inspiration for the label are some of the lesser publicized pre-Soviet Russian cultures: Think fairy tales, traditions from rural villages, and pagan holidays.

Gerda Irene

The one of a kind look that comes with Gerda Irene is promised to set you apart from everyone else. The ethical nature of this Moscow based brand, ensures that each piece is 100% hand-made and from recycled material. Weird, cool and innovative are the three best ways to describe Gerda Irene. 

“[I] create clothes for people who also value their individuality”! Irene exclaims in a bio for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Russia

Nastya Nekrasova

Conceptualized visions designed into couture, ready-to-wear, and abstract looks keep the viewers of Nastya Nekrasova on their tippy toes. Nastya is part of a brand new initiative organized by Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, where her and another designer from Germany are being swapped for the duration of fashion week Russia and Fashion Week Berlin. 

Located in the capital of Russia, designers go through a very meticulous process for conspiring each piece. The lighting, interior, vision and objects. These are all things deeply thought about when thinking about the design. 


Russia has become a highly functioning city known for its original designs and emerging designers. The smaller brands that come out of here have the ability to influence the globe.  


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