5 Emerging Blogs to Put on Your Radar

emerging blogs

2020 is a year we will never forget. It was a year full of change and uncertainty. It was also a year full of new trends, ways of living, and emerging technology. The year’s circumstances brought opportunity to express once creativity through digital formats like blogging or video blogging.

Last year, a group of students from all over the world sat to learn virtually from the founder of this blog, Oliamoda. The class covered how to create and successfully run a blog during the age of social media. As a result, the emerging blogs of 2020 range from 3-D sound design to innovative interior design hacks. Social media is a massive part of the growth of these blogs. Students integrated the modern blogger experience to extend their reach. They learned how to distribute and run social media channels to help each blog succeed to its highest potential.

Here are five emerging blogs that were created by students at the Academy of Art University during 2020. They are undoubtedly worth putting on your radar. 

La Chouetta

The blog’s founder, Phuong Mai, firmly believes that the most amazing things are not to keep for ourselves but to share with others. With her knowledge and endless passion for interior design, she started this blog as a platform to share useful design guides and spark inspirations and encourage people to live every moment in style. There is beauty in every aspect of life, and La Chouetta strives to deliver that value to her readers – to admire the beauty and recreate it within our daily life.

The Lingerie Budget

What’s underneath your clothing is just as important as what’s on top, as the lingerie we wear daily or for that one special occasion has such an essential hand in our comfort, confidence, and style. As a current student with love for quality lingerie and a budget to live by, Megan Garcia, the blog founder, knew there were others out there in the same boat. So she created The Lingerie Budget.  There you can find shopping guides at different price ranges. Or styling advice on trends such as lingerie as outerwear and general knowledge on your intimates drawer tailored to your needs. 

Beyond Stereo Entertainment

Beyond Stereo is dedicated to implementing immersive technology for Audio and Visuals to innovate the future of consuming entertainment as we know it. As the reader, you can expect a reliable guide for the latest news, tools, and educational information on everything spatial audio and immersive in the entertainment industry. Beyond Stereo Entertainment was created through a foundation of leadership and innovation to shed light on the lesser-known possibilities for the future of music and entertainment, founded by David Chevere, also known as Ziron – the spatial audio music producer and DJ from San Francisco, California, and Tampa Bay, Florida. 

Creativity During Chaos

Creativity Through Chaos is a blog meant to inspire you through creativity, to provide an escape from the reality that surrounds us. To create a space where your stories are shared and where your creative endeavors are showcased. During our time in lockdown, many have found themselves all alone, feeling isolated. They have struggled both physically and mentally. However, through this, many projects have emerged, people are finding new skills, turning back to old ones, and are creating. This blog is about showcasing these different talents, showing that creativity lives in us all, that even during a pandemic, there is still hope and beauty through the arts. Through it, we are inspired to carry on.

A Seat at the Table

A Seat at the Table is a blog that champions black women behind fashion walls. We provide insight, resources, tips, and tools to navigate and advance in a fashion career field successfully. We aim to represent and secure a seat at the table for women of color as we build a new foundation for inclusivity. A Seat at the Table is a space dedicated to providing insightful and informative resources that’ll foster women of color with careers within the fashion industry.


The work produced by these students shows that blogging has no limits. You have the freedom to write, to express your views fully, and touch lives with your knowledge on the subject of interest. Blogging is more relevant now than ever. It is an excellent way of self-expression and building your brand.  

Do you already have a blog but want to learn how to grow it? Check out this post here.

Thank you for reading and keep styling,


OIia Kedik
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