Yana Besfamilnaya

Feminine, Russian And On The Rise


Founded in 2016 Each collection by Yana Besfamilnaya presents a new story, a different embodiment of the heroine and her wardrobe, in which each product transforms, changes shape and fit.

The brand’s clothing is designed for multi-layered looks and style mix. Another distinctive feature of the items is the emphasized feminine lines and silhouettes. The designer values ​​comfort and convenience that don’t conflict with femininity.

The heroine of the brand lives in a world that is constantly changing, and she likes such life. She not only adapted to the changes, she enjoys them, every new day and every new look of the world inspires her.
The philosophy of transformation isn’t just about clothing. This is an attitude towards life. Step by step, the brand is approaching the goal of becoming a completely sustainable brand. The designer does not use animal fur and natural leather in the production of her collections, and also produces small collections and does not accumulate leftovers.


Merenea sequin-embellished printed fil coupé silk mini dress


Embellished ruched polka-dot silk-chiffon mini dress


Off-the-shoulder bow-detailed crepe mini dress

Even more feminine and even softer than usual, features in the new Yana Besfamilnaya collection are inspired by the work of Henri Matisse.

Deliberately delicate and feminine lines and freedom of embodiment are the inherent features of the brand, read in each collection, now the designer tells in a new, more exaggerated reading.

This collection also brings back knitwear to the brand, which opens up freedom to create and create unusual shapes, textures and patterns: fancy hand-knitted pieces look like reproductions of several Matisse pieces, folded into one.

Layering, a combination of several silhouettes, textures, colors in one thing and, of course, transformation – the classic Yana Besfamilnaya, opened in this collection in a new interpretation.

Presented as a dynamic and streetwise fashion collection, the new Yana Besfamilnaya is dynamic and powerful – dressed, puffer coats, colorful jumpers and tailored coats of patchwork comprise this excellent offering of streetwear.


Pearl-embellished pleated silk gown


Lace-trimmed silk-blend satin maxi dress


Twisted silk-satin midi dress