Smash the fashion stereotypes, and live your own punk feeling.


Fashion plays a significant role in Romantic Punk culture where I also named as Baddie Mary. It combines punk aesthetics, such as ripped clothing, leather jackets, and band merchandise, with romantic and gothic influences. The style often includes elements like lace, velvet, corsets, Victorian-inspired clothing, and accessories like chokers and fishnet stockings. This fusion of punk and romantic fashion creates a unique and visually striking look using opulent aesthetic in showing elegance.


The gothic and opulent aesthetic of this trend is favoredly known for its leather and layer accents in styling an outfits. The layer accent itself creates volumes to show their own kind of elegance. The leather accent also for this trend provides a meticulous texture and work to provide the wanted style to achieve. Remember, Romantic Punk is about combining the rebellious spirit of punk with elements of romance and poetry.


Romantic Punk also embraces a DIY (do-it-yourself) ethos, similar to the broader punk movement. Since fashion trends engage in self-expression through styling or making your own designed clothes, this trend is the best thing to learn first to find your own style. Because through experimenting with different elements and finding a balance that represents your personal style, it captures the essence of Romantic Punk in the fall season especially with yours truly, Oliamoda.



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