Pastel trend sS24

Pastel your style and see it englighten all your confidence all the way

Pastel fall trend ss24

Pastel shades are known to be a soft and calming colors. This season, varieties of outwears can be generated in different styles of wearing different shades of colors. Each pastel outfit can be effectively paired with different color tones such as bold, monochromatic, velvet, and neutral tones.
Here’s why:


Fashion trends around the business circle have been changing over time. And yet, varieties of light shades of color are popping up in the industry. This season, the Pastel Fallout is having its rise to the fall season. This trend is serving a variety of surprises as it surpasses the everchanging trend. For serving elegance in soft and calm tones, try a variety of soft colors such as a blue aurora top and ruby skirt while pairing it with any blue or black heels like the blue iguana sandals.

Ruby Skirt


Blue Aurora



Pastel season engages not only in completing outfits with different color tones but can also stand its elegance alone. Being elegant does not stop at being stylish in outfits. Fashion and personal style are all about experimenting and expressing yourself. As we use pastel shades in different color tones, we can still have a complete outfit with a pastel style as it provides the following:

The essence of simplicity and elegance. The soft shade of a pastel style deliberately promotes the simplicity of an outfit. Even if it is simple, the purity of the style alone still creates an impact on the level of elegance when we start to style our outfits with pastels.

The shortcut route of style. The pastel style is diverse when it comes to styling. We can generate outfits using the whole style of pastel shade or we can style ourselves using the pastel shade with the other color tones. The never-ending route of fashion is very broad, yet the pastel style can still provide a shortcut way to produce another effective style in the fashion industry.


Pastel is one of the timeless trends in the fashion industry, as it serves all-rounded styles and trends in every season. If we are trying to pull some outfits from our closet, we can easily use the pastel style if we are trying to generate our outfits in coordination with other styles. The diversity of colors in this style promotes different moods to take up when thinking of outfits. So, check out our outfits to start your own pastel style and add pieces to your closet from Oliamoda today!

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