There are many ways to support a country during a war. Humanitarian help is of the most important, but there are other ways to show your support. One way is by supporting the local businesses and economy through consumerism. Ukrainian fashion designers need our help now more than ever to keep their businesses afloat and continue creating beautiful garments. Here are three ways you can support Ukrainian fashion designers:

1) Buy Ukrainian fashion brands.

Many Ukrainian fashion designers have online stores where you can purchase their garments. Supporting their craft is keeping their dreams and hopes alive. Our favorite emerging brands from the Ukraine are Sayyaa, Milla and and Yasya Minochkina.

20% of all of the proceeds go to children threatened by conflict.

 Our platform is run by women and nothing hurts more than pain and fear of little ones. To help during these troubled times we pledge 20% of all of the proceeds made on our website between now and May 1st will be donated to Savethechildren fund.


2) Wear Ukrainian colors.
Ukrainian flag is a bright and memorable color combo. Ukrainian fashion designers are known to use bright colors in their garments. Wearing these colors is a great way to show your support for Ukrainian fashion designers.

3) Spread the word. Ukrainian fashion designers are not very well known outside of Ukraine.
Help spread the word about their talent and creativity by sharing Ukrainian fashion brands with your friends and family.

4) Donate to help fund Ukrainian fashion designers and their businesses.

5) Follow Ukrainian fashion bloggers.
Following Ukrainian fashion bloggers is a great way to stay up-to-date on the latest Ukrainian fashion trends. It also helps to support the Ukrainian fashion community as a whole. By doing any of these things, you are helping to support Ukrainian fashion designers during these difficult times spread art, not war. Spread kindness.

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