Bitte Ruhe

Feminine, Russian And On The Rise


This emerging Russian brand “Bitte_Ruhe” was founded in the heart of the country, Moscow in 2020. Experimental with silhouettes, this brand has unique structure to its pieces and individualized womanly outlines featured on their garments. Ksenia’s passion has always been fashion, and during the pandemic, knew it was the divine timing to begin the journey.
“I always knew that fashion design is my passion. It was the right time for me to introduce my vision to this world,” Ksenia explains.
Underwear is a great inspiration for Bitte Ruhe and highly influences their creative process. The shape, structure, purpose and appearance is what drives the visual component. This is visually expressed on most of the pieces.
Bitte Ruhe’s best selling item is an iconic sweatshirt.

Coming in a range of soft hues, this garment is obviously directly influenced by lingerie. However, differing from wearing undergarments, the sweatshirt covers the body completely. It has oversized upper arms that fall at a relaxed droop, then tighten at the forearm- and detailed on the front is linework mocking a corset’s look.
Due to its one of a kind design, consumers fall in love with Bitte Ruhe’s concepts. Infact, each piece is designed
They want their garments to serve the purpose of introducing the person who’s wearing it. In fact, in German “Bitte Ruche” signifies “quiet, please.” This signifies that their pieces do the talking.

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