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The pandemic has brought an inevitable shift in the fashion industry. It has presented us with a new way to consume and discover fashion.

A few weeks ago Global Talents wrapped up its first digital presentation of over 50 designers from 20 countries. Making it the world’s first hybrid international online fashion project which combined digital collections, augmented reality, and virtual models. This off-season online project is the initiative of the Russian Fashion Council powered by Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia.

The event collected an impressive amount of 2.5 mln views across its social media networks. You can access to watch the 2 days of shows here.

A collaborative hashtag initiative between TikTok and Global Talents Digital #перезагружаюмоду, collected an impressive amount of 28 million views. It translates into English as a rewiring of fashion.

“One of the key advantages of online events is the opportunity to give chance to the emerging designers from across the globe to come out of the major brands’ shadow, present themselves both locally and globally. Global Talents Digital was streamed in 20 countries and caught buzz everywhere. We’ve flared things up with Augmented Reality, digital clothing, and virtual models, and all of that made the event particularly attractive for the online audience,” said Alexander Shumsky, President of Russian Fashion Council and Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia.

“Russian Fashion Council is already accepting entries from designers for the next Global Talents Digital, which is to take place this August. It will be totally dedicated to sustainable fashion against the rapidly transforming industry background. This will be a story about conscious consumption, advanced materials, recycling, and slow fashion. All of those rocketed back to the top of the trends because of the pandemics,” he added.

Here are 4 designers discovered at Global Talents Digital who are setting the tone for the future of fashion:


The brand RAHEL GUIRAGOSSIAN garments are an extension of her family’s legacy. Her abstract prints are an inspiration from her grandfather’s, father’s, and brother’s paintings. The beautiful material is wrapped around the body, verses being cut, making it a waste-free production.

GUIDO VERA from Chile

GUIDO VERA – a minimalist clothing brand from Santiago, Chile that is designed with a modern nomad in mind. The brand’s motto – “Simple design for complex minds” – speaks for itself. The collection is made of high-tech fabrics, vinyl or plastic bottles. Is speaks to major global warming issues like the drought in the Antarctic and the melting of ice in Patagonia. The natural resources of northern Chile inspired the designer to use faux fur and recycled plastic materials. In addition, the collection features natural Peruvian cotton.

SAMSHIT from Russia

This video presentation of a hoodie collection by a young Russian brand SAMSHIT was shot fully on his smartphone during the strict times of isolation rules in Russia. The designers delivered a dark and powerful message of the modern-day reality.


This Peruvian brand uses fabrics left from the collections of other designers and textile factories. The brand has been at the forefront of slow fashion and social change

VIVIANO from Japan

Viviano’s presentation showcased romance and femininity through elegant flowery dresses and motion. The collection was inspired by the painting “The Apostle Paul’s Address” by Nicolae Bernard Lepisie.

RABBITHOLE from Russia

RABBITHOLE – a brand that focuses on knitwear presented its 80s inspired virtual collection on a rotating podium. Viewers are captured by detailing such color patterns, voluminous sleeves and bright contrasting elements.

OIia Kedik
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