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Almost as scary as the year 2020 itself, is the daunting thought that you still have not picked up a proper Halloween Costume. With Covid 19  a gruesome reality of 2020, sifting through bins of your local Halloween store might just give extra anxiety. So if going as a Black swan for 4th year in a row is not an option for you, here is a list of retailers that will ship you the costume of your dreams in no time. Spirit Halloween Usually, this Halloween Store pops up on

With September in full swing, there is no better time to rethink our wardrobe and consider new trends to add to the rotation. Here are 6 trends spotted on the runways and influential fashionistas that will define the season’s trends ahead. Fringe Details It was the very last “regular” fashion month, as we knew it, where the trend appeared on the runway and street style elites. Designers like Bottega Veneta, Prada, and Dior are giving this trend a major come back. It is all about the unexpected fringe: explore items

2020 is a year full of surprises. Thankfully Spring 2020 fashion shows had some fun surprises in store for us. From the return of the strappy sandals to the disco collar, many ideas were literally ‘blast from the past’, while other trends were more innovative. If you are a handbag hoarder (like me!), you should definitely check this list of spring-summer 2020 handbag trends that have things you would want to own right away.  Innovative slings Slings are typically considered go-to bags. No matter where you are heading, you can

The pandemic has brought an inevitable shift in the fashion industry. It has presented us with a new way to consume and discover fashion. A few weeks ago Global Talents wrapped up its first digital presentation of over 50 designers from 20 countries. Making it the world’s first hybrid international online fashion project which combined digital collections, augmented reality, and virtual models. This off-season online project is the initiative of the Russian Fashion Council powered by Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia. The event collected an impressive amount of 2.5 mln views

The past few weeks have brought some of the most powerful and awakening events in our history. The society has risen for justice following the horrifying death of George Floyd. Demonstrations took place not just in the USA where the issue hits home the most, but all across the globe. People came together to fight for justice, protest police brutality, and systemic racism. Omid the global pandemic, the world said “no more” and put up the fight for human rights. Within the fashion industry, there’s a huge wealth of talented

In the times of social distancing, lockdowns, and the new way of living during the Covid-19 pandemic, much of our habits have changed. Particularly affected by the change are small independent fashion brands. Most are struggling to stay afloat as orders and production are at a pause.  With the world short on medical masks, a new fashion trend is emerging amid this disaster – a fashion mask. Even though not entirely protective of the harmful particles of the virus, these masks still serve a purpose. Outside of the protective measure

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When I asked a poll on my Instagram for what type of content you guys were most interested to see, the IGTV styling videos were number one response. It has been a year since I have been posting them week after week on my IG channel. I am having so much fun creating and editing them. Today, I am excited to bring this video series to my blog. Thanks to Aibuy, a smart technology that allows you to shop directly from the video. I would love to hear your feedback

I am constantly on the search for the perfect shoe. I love heels and have my fair share of them in my closets rotation, but the reality is, the everyday hustle calls for a comfortable yet stylish option. I recently ordered two pairs of Birdies and simply fell in love with their style and comfort. These shoes are perfect for everyday styling and your feet will feel like you’re walking on clouds. I want to share a few looks that I styled with these cute and extremely comfortable slipper-like shoes.

Sustainability is a highly debated and increasingly covered topic in fashion these days. The effects of unsustainable fashion production is now under the microscope of the public.  Many concerned consumers want what they wear to be produced in such a way that limits the negative effects on the world and environments in which they live.  Now the fashion world is responding, as this concern has become central to the industry. Designers, buyers, writers, and Instagrammers who are seeking ways to prioritize the environment’s well-being. But what can we the consumers

Yes, we know that it’s easier said than done, but you know what? Developing your own sense of style doesn’t have to be as tricky as you probably think, so make sure to keep on reading if you want to learn how to get it done. Here are five ultimate tips on how to accomplish this important goal, so check them out and enjoy! Get inspired by girls who have a great sense of style Contrary to what many people would say, the biggest challenge of developing a personal style

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