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How to rock a layered look

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Hi Everyone,

Layering is what Winter and Fall are all about. Not only is it really practical because you can add or remove layers depending on changing temperatures, but layering is also a great way to add interest to an outfit.

I am especially a big fan of a sweater over a collared shirt look. Pair a plain sweater with a colorful shirt and it adds that extra punch to your outfit. Be careful when layering sweaters and blazers though, it can add unnecessary bulk to your outfit. Try a sleeveless sweater or a fur vest instead, which will give you the warmth without the bulk.

For a comfortable day of errands I wore flat booties and skinny ripped jeans. The chain detail of the purse was a perfect match to the detail of the boots. The shades brought out the colors of the shirt and added that extra edge that I am all about.

Happy Layering and Keep Styling


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  1. Andy says:

    Love the glasses! Layering done well

  2. Andy says:

    REALLY smart casual

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