A shearling coat and gender reveal news.

I am beaming with excitement to share this post. I am so happy to finally know the gender of our baby and share with you about a must have item of the winter season, a shearling coat. 
First lets talk about the outfit. Shearling is one of the things that will inevitably never go out of style. It conveys a sense of effortlessness, luxury, and most importantly, warmth. I have owned this one by Armani for over a decade. It has not aged, nor has it gone out of style. The best part about this shearing coat, it looks great unzipped, thus giving my belly the freedom that it needs. I chose a longer coat for the versatility it provides to be worn over dresses or with denim, as well as for the extra warmth and coverage. 
I have noticed myself opting for the all black outfits more so now then ever. It might be the slimming factor that the color provides to my growing pregnant body. Or the inevitable chic aesthetic when wearing all black. It is also a great canvas for showcasing something vibrant and colorful like my Isabel Maraant ankle booties. These beauties have been my favorite for the Fall/Winter season. I have included some fabulous shearling coats and cow hide ankle booties for you to shop through. 
Now, lets talk about my big news. With the hectic holiday and work schedule, my gender reveal appointment came much later than it usually does for others. You can imagine the anticipation we went through to finally find out who is growing inside of my belly. I have been feeling much different in this first trimester than previously. That made me wonder, could this be attributed to my babies gender? Answer is, yes! We are having a baby boy. My heart is overwhelmed with joy to know a little prince, who I will call my son, will be here soon. My husband, I and our little little princess Yana could not be happier and more excited with the news. 
Thank you for reading and keep styling

OIia Kedik
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