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A Personal Confession About My Life

I am ready to share something with you.

I use my blog and social media channels as an avenue to share my style and inspire others, but it’s a business. Every business has a heart and soul though. You – my readers are the heart of it – you are a huge part of what makes all of this worthwhile . My personality and soul is makes you connect with the posts that I am sharing. I have not been completely open about my personal life, well because it’s personal and because I chose to protect it for so long. But as I embrace a new chapter in my life, I realize I need to share this so that I can be myself and not feel like I’m only showing the perfect side of life.

Reality is – the online world of pretty photos has the tendency to built a picture that is not always as perfect as it seems.

Many of you have noticed and messaged me about why my husband does not appear in any of the pictures any more. It has been an emotional rollercoaster of months if not years leading up to this decision. Today, I am ready to share and put myself out there: I am a single woman. It feels so strange to say it, we have been together since 2006.

Few months ago Andy and I decided to separate and part ways as a couple. It was a very hard decision that we both made together and now the focus is on figuring out how to be the best parents that we possibly can be to our two beautiful children, rebuild our own lives and maintain a good relationship together.

I love to spread positivity, encouragement and strength, but today I admit, I am a little broken, a little scared and a little anxious, but I am very ready to embrace this new journey with grace and good attitude.

I have been very hesitant for months to share this information. I realize, this is the space where I give a piece of me and it will only be fair to give a true piece versus that perfectly painted picture. I am now free to paint a new picture, to turn the page and live it up.

Kai & Yana

Thank you for reading and keep styling,


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OIia Kedik
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