5 Reasons Why Every Fashionista Should Visit Hong Kong

You’ve had your fair share of following SAU LEE and MASE on various online channels, and now you want to have a taste of what the birthplace of such fashion labels has in store for you. The city (although officially a special administrative region) of Hong Kong is truly a beehive of beauty, style, and self-care in every possible sense of the phrase. It’s the mecca of forward-looking fashion labels, it’s the home of innovation, and it should be on every fashionista’s travel radar for a number of valid reasons.

Perhaps it feels like this will be too long a journey, but rest assured, the miles will pay off. If you’re still not convinced, here are a few of your most powerful whys to get you packing as soon as yesterday and look for a stylish hotel for your fashionable escapades in Hong Kong.

Bucket-list-worthy fashion events

For the most hard-core of all fashionistas who take their time to admire, learn from, and purchase some of the most exclusive designer collections, you’ll be happy to learn that Hong Kong is brimming with fashion-related events on a regular basis. We are talking about an internationally-acclaimed scene where models, designers, and influencers flock from all over the globe to learn the latest in fashion.

Hurry up and go before November 20th for a fashion galore at the Guiltless pop-up where you’ll be able to get authentic and unique celeb-donated garments, and the profits go to charitable organizations and the needy in Hong Kong. In essence, you’d not only boost your wardrobe, but you’d also make a difference!

Foodie trends to keep an eye on

Hong Kong is every foodie’s dream come true, and as such, it harbors some of the most incredible eateries you could imagine, all of which gather locals and tourists in the most fascinating of outfits you’ve ever seen. Exotic local delicacies paired with a stylish Hong Kong scene, what a duo! You’ll find yourself tasting champagne in Hong Kong alongside some of the most fashionable locals, enjoying these sparkling sips with delicious Asian food. Of course, the local cocktail scene is equally memorable, so keep an eye out for those, too!

In addition to a refined palate for classy drinks, Hong Kong has a taste for traditional Chinese cuisine with a modern twist. Look for trendy eateries the likes of Dragon Noodles Academy where the finest Pecking duck dishes and lobster soup come to life.

Luxe shopping

Hong Kong is a sight for sore eyes in every sense, but when it comes to those shopping splurges, you’ll find the city a perfect match for all of your haute, luxurious needs. In fact, Hong Kong is often celebrated as one of the most beloved luxe shopping hotspots in the world, with more brands rushing to become a part of their thriving fashion scene.

All of the big names are there: Prada, Gucci, Marc Jacobs, you name it, Hong Kong has it all. There are a number of malls you can choose from to satisfy your opulent cravings in fashion, but some of the most prominent ones include the Landmark mall located in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, and the Lee Gardens in the pricey Causeway Bay.

Second-hand with Hong Kong vibes

Unlike any typical second-hand store, you’d be surprised how Hong Kong has managed to find a way to turn this practice into a fashionable one, as well. This is perfect for the prudent fashionistas among you who would prefer to stay on the thrifty side while still finding some of the most unique, fabulous items by the world’s most beloved brands.

Head to 2hand for a proper second-hand experience, where each branded piece is checked for authenticity and any damage. They give a new meaning to pre-loved pieces, allowing you the luxury of the brand and the perks of lower prices in the heart of Hong Kong!

Pampering with a lush twist

Asia is the land of ageless ladies, and we have always been amazed at their skills to protect and preserve their youthful glow and stay immune to those typical signs of aging. Rest assured, Hong Kong is no different, if anything, it’s taking the lead in the trendiest beauty treatments to make you feel as stunning as ever.

Try some of the local staples of beauty, such as facial acupuncture paired with traditional Chinese medicine at its finest, to help keep your pores perky and cleared. Add to that, you’ll find a slew of beauty products inspired by the region’s traditional herbal treatments, all of which have been used for decades to cherish their beauty. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to test some of their trendiest beauty options to match your fashion expression!

Hong Kong is a colorful, vibrant city meant for those who appreciate the finest things in life, fashion included. Add these little gems to your Hong Kong experience, and you’ll make the most of your journey to this stunning region and satisfy all of your fashion cravings in one go!

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