5 Must Visit Travel Destinations for Fashionistas in 2019

Staying on top of the current trends is not an easy task. The world of fashion is constantly evolving and the only way to keep up is to be wherever the fashion needs you to be.

You need to work hard to be in the very center of fashion, where art comes to life, and the best way to do that is to visit the most inspirational fashion hubs in the world.

The fashion Down Under

Over the last two decades, Australia has been slowly forming its own fashion identity and becoming a prominent destination for fashionistas. Aussies kept their fashion scene small and inspirational, which led to Melbourne Fashion Week becoming one of the most important events of the year.

Thanks to its global position and the advancement of the ever-present social media, Melbourne has taken the fashion seasons to a whole new level. More and more fashionistas are steering away from cold seasons of the Northern Hemisphere and turning towards sunny Melbourne where they get to sip cocktails and stay on top of trends.

The fashion mecca

Some fashionistas believe that New York has become a bit passé, but this fashion mecca is far from giving up on its title of the world’s fashion capital. Thanks to its diversity, the Big Apple is still THE place to be for fashionistas.

There are events year-round but getting your hands on a pair of tickets won’t be easy, so make sure you plan ahead. But even if you don’t get any tickets, you can slip into a pair of Manolo Blahniks and feel the buzz of fashion city during September’s Fashion Week.

At the moment, mixology in NYC is quite the trend, so after the buzz of the fashion show winds down, you can move on to the after parties and have your very own professionally mixed Cosmopolitan. A pair of Manolo Blahniks and a Cosmopolitan, what else do you need?

Europe’s collective unicorn

Most fashionistas stick to fashion scenes they’re familiar with, but real fashionistas look for new and upcoming fashion – and that’s exactly what Moscow fashion scene looks like. It’s young and vibrant, full of millennials who are hyped to prove that they’re different.

If you’re interested in finding inspiration unlike any other, the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia is the place to be. You will undoubtedly find bold new creators who aren’t afraid to express themselves and break the stereotypes of the fashion industry.

Dual nature of fashion

Istanbul, the Eurasian capital of fashion, might seem conservative at first but since its boom in 2007, the fashion industry in Istanbul has taken the world by storm. The city lies on two continents, Europe and Asia, and is famous for the large textile industry, which is at its peak right now.

If you have some spare time on your hands between the New York and London Fashion Week, you should definitely visit Istanbul. What better way to work on your career as a fashionista than to get familiar with the fabrics that the majority of people in the world wear?

The land of K-Fashion

Seoul is by far the least expected city to emerge prosperous in the fashion industry. Nevertheless, the city’s unique approach to fashion brings vibrant colors, modern crafts and techniques unlike anything the world has seen.

The capital of South Korea is using the popularity of K-Pop as a means to impose the fashion of their millennials to the Western world – and it’s totally working. The Seoul Fashion Week attendance is higher than ever and K-Fashion is shaping up to be the next big trend in the world.

Being a fashionista does not mean that you just get to write about fashion on your blog. You need to be a part of the fashion trends from their inception, do your homework on the industry, follow the trends, keep up with the artists, and let people know of your unique take on fashion.



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