5 Money-Saving Ideas for Fashion Lovers during Quarantine

Are you staying quarantined? Good for you and thank you for your sacrifice! However, we all know how boring isolation can be, especially when your favorite pastime is hitting the stores and browsing racks of cute new clothing. Well, if you’re a fashion lover in quarantine currently struggling with income, don’t worry. There are still ways you can practice your hobby without burning through all of your savings. Here are some of the best money-saving ideas that will keep you looking trendy and chic even in quarantine.

Look for discounts

First and foremost, discounts are your best friends during these troubling times. Now that you have basically all the time in the world, do your best to dig deep and look for discounts and special deals. Many websites have a fine print where you can discover interesting things or you can scavenge websites like Coupons.com and see what they offer. While most of these coupons work only in stores, you never know what you’ll find—maybe a coupon code is hiding somewhere for you. Ignoring deals and discounts is a blatant waste of money, so do your homework before you add anything to your cart.

Get a new credit card

This might not always be the best advice, but in this case, it might be! If you choose a good online shopping card like spree credit card, you can save up money as you shop. For instance, expect discounts on shipping fees and good cash-backs every month. You even get some money back on online spending in both local and foreign currency! And once this is all over and you can finally take your car and have a proper shopping trip, you can also achieve discounts on petrol. As long as you’re spending responsibly, this type of saving can be great for you.

Keep items in your wish list

Before you buy something, wait a little and keep it in your wish list. When you do this, you can often get emails alerting you of price changes. While not all retailers use this price drop alert, many have this option, so keep note. Target is one retailer that is big on this trend. All you need to do is have an account on their website and stay logged in while you shop. If you don’t want to bury your work email with deals every day, create a separate account for shopping and you’ll always know where to look when you’re itching to spend some money.

Learn to sew

Sewing is not only an amazing way to make the time pass in quarantine, but it can also help you create some new pieces by spending next to nothing. And don’t think you need to go online and invest in the priciest sewing machine there is! For many cute projects, you only need a basic sewing machine model or even just a needle, thread and a cheap piece of clothing you don’t care about anymore. Don’t have a machine? Here are a few needle-and-thread ideas: swap boring buttons for something fun and colorful, add fringes to your crop-top or brighten up your shirt with cute ribbons and statement bows.

Use your gift cards

We all probably have a bunch of gift cards somewhere around the house that we still didn’t get time to use. Well, now is the right time to check out what they are offering and to turn them into some new things. Browse carefully, take your time and don’t hesitate to splurge. Since your merchandise is already practically paid for, you can choose some items you wouldn’t normally spend your own money on. And being quarantined is the best time to try on these bolder items, get used to them while no one can see or judge you and once this is all over, you’ll get to wear your new pieces with confidence!

Staying in quarantine is boring, but it’s the right thing to do. However, you can still look absolutely amazing for your social media followers and satisfy your shopping needs. These money-saving tips will make shopping guilt-free and you’ll refresh your wardrobe for very little money.


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