5 Grand Moments of Mercedes Benz fashion Week Russia

4 Exciting Things You Missed During Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Russia

Times when there are just four fashion weeks to attend are changing. More and more countries are stepping up their fashion week game and thus attracting global attention. Today’s spotlight is on Moscow where Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Russia just wrapped up its 38th season. Just like many things in the Russian culture, and especially Moscow, the event was grand in many aspects of it. Here are five most memorable moments of the past week.

  1. More than Just a Fashion Week

With an era where every moment is Instgrammable, fashion designers know the importance of producing a collection that will not just grab buyers and guest’s attention but also deliver a show that will keep everyone on the edge of their seat and earn that kodak moment. MBFWRussia kept the energy hi inside of the main venue by entertainment for guests and visitor had the opportunity to roam the venue and see performances of numerous famous Russian pop stars like XX.  Linda, the iconic Russia singer, closed the show for HOLLY MPHI, coming out after the last model with her latest top hit and dancing mysteriously down the catwalk. Otocyon decided to pay tribute to the nature of a female body by sending a wide range of females dressed in a nude bodysuit marching down the runway with assertion. Another theatrical performance was the showcasing for Igor Gulayev’s latest collection, every model dance her way down the runway to loud music covering her face with a mask that represented local Russian stars.

  1. Location – location – location

There is nothing better than the perfect location when soaking up the experience of a fashion show. Most of the events are set in the stunning historical building that nests in the corner of the Red Square next to the Kremlin. This time the whole building went through a transformation solely for the MBFW Russia. Yet to take it up a notch, some of the designers choose to show elsewhere. Aleksander Arutunow, who had the most memorable collection of the week showed in the Gostinnoiy Dvor, another historical building that takes your breath away with its marble staircases and soviet like feel. Alena Akhmaduklina transformed the Museum of Moscow into a fairytale setting that resembled fall woods. Her collection was inspired by a popular Russian children book called A Fox and a Cat. Models shifted through piles of leaves adding to the magical & whimsical setting. Another crowds favorite was the Ruban collection that took place on the top floor of the grand shopping center Tsum. Hundreds of most fashionable visitors gathered to view this elegant and sophisticated collection while overlooking the heart of Moscow.

  1. Inclusivity and Education

Moscow has been putting its foot forward in inclusivity for many seasons now. Women of age, models with disabilities and transgender models have been frequenting the runways of MBFWRussia. This season the initiative is taken further threw a collaboration with “Moscow Ageing Program” whose core stems in empowerment and raising the quality of life of the elderly in Moscow. In conversation with the Vladimir Fllipov, The Deputy Director of the Department of Labor and Social Protection of Moscow citizens: “The major event in the sphere of fashion in Russia has turned to the seniors, and it is not by chance. Engaged, beautiful and happy people take part in the Moscow Ageing project, and we see how beauty and fashion gradually enters the lives of modern senior citizens. We hope the example set by the models of silver age, appearing at the catwalks of the Russian Fashion Week, will inspire our participants and all Moscow seniors to put time into style and fashion”.


Roma Uvarov, who had the most creative collection this season that was inspired by his love for antiques and the old times, says he loves including elderly models in his shows. “Their emanations are absolutely positive. It is so great to see them so happy and self-confident. As a younger generation and design influencers, we should set an example for the seniors and guide them in the world of fashion and style”.


Ksenia Gerts a young designer discovered at Futurum Accelerator, is now leading the pack on sustainability in fashion. The collection she debuted this past week in Moscow carries scannable chips in li lieue of physical tags to avoid waste. Her shoes are designer from pineapple vegan leather and the overall feel of the collection was sophisticated and timeless. She says that Russians are just starting to catch on with passing clothing to each other, yet the country has a major problem with recycling and waste management.

Futurum Education is another project to note this season. An all-day educational event brought opportunity to all the visitors to learn from experts of the fashion industry. Experts from Polimoda, It was a chance of meeting influencers and earning their support for future projects. The education project was arranged by the Russian Fashion Council and followed up Fashion Futurum and Fashion Futurum Accelerator, the projects intended to support emerging designers.

  1. Names Of The Future

Russia is setting the bar high each season by nurturing young talent. The Futurm Accelerator, Futurum Moscow and Futurum Education are some of the few initiatives that are leading the program. This season Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Russia added a new agenda to its calendar, The Global Talent. 9 designers from other countries showed during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Russia 38th season. Fresh talent from parts of the world like the Bangladesh, Netherlands, England, China, and more had an opportunity to get noticed by international press and buyers and get a major show production under their belt. When talking to these young designers it was clear how thankful they were for such experience and an opportunity to jump start their career. The one that stood out the most was the statement making collection of KRISHMA SABBARWAL, an Indian born in England. She drew her inspiration from being bullied growing up as an immigrant and created clothes that messaged an audience. Another collaboration to note in the High Five project. The “High Five Awards! Designer of the Future” contest is a part of the annual national television awards “High Five Awards! Aspiring designers under the age of 17 sent more than 2,000 applications from across the country. All sketches were created specifically for the red-carpet appearances of celebrities at “High Five Awards. The chosen participants were sponsored to have their looks produced and walked on the runway by famous Russian starts. It was a real treat to see these young faces experience something so grand.



Russia is a country that has gone through a major transformation over the last few decades. Russian designers are finally gaining the momentum they deserve. This week is a great example how far the country has come as well as how far it still needs to go in some areas. Putting this city on your map will defi8natly uncover something new and something grand.

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