4 tips to sustainability in fashion

Sustainability is a highly debated and increasingly covered topic in fashion these days. The effects of unsustainable fashion production is now under the microscope of the public.  Many concerned consumers want what they wear to be produced in such a way that limits the negative effects on the world and environments in which they live.  Now the fashion world is responding, as this concern has become central to the industry. Designers, buyers, writers, and Instagrammers who are seeking ways to prioritize the environment’s well-being. But what can we the consumers do? 

Here are 4 simple tips that will help you make sustainable fashion choices

  1. Be a curator not a shopaholic

Focus on those “favorite pieces” that you have in your closet already. Have you noticed that when you travel you tend to do better at dressing on vacation as you have less options with you. Your favorite pieces seem to be the one to always make it into the suitcase. Take this trend into your daily lifestyle, keep the favorites and build looks around them. Curate a closet full of treasures that you can create endless outfits with season in and season out. When you make that purchasing decision get items that are more than just a new item but rather have a bigger meaning to you and your wardrobe. 

  1. Shop local, shop small

Invest in local emerging brands and designers.  Chances are they are produced locally and ethically sourced. Smaller brands produce in small batches, meaning there is less inventory. You’ll end up building a wardrobe that is unique and has a story behind it. Additionally, you are contributing to a new or local entrepreneurs success.  

  1. Keep your consumer habits in check

With fast fashion producing new trendy collection month in and month out. It is easy to fall for the urge to shop and end up with items that end up in the unwanted pile after a few wears. Instead take your urge to a vintage or a consignment boutique. Consider exploring a service like Rent The Runway that allows you to rent current trend vs purchasing them. Try spending some time on a site like RealReal that stocks endless treasures of used goods. 

  1. Work with what you have

Going back to your own closet versus going to buy a new item will help you practice your creativity with items you already own. Shopping less can come as a challenge for a fashion savvy person, but the reward is great. You are being planet conscious, while satisfying your love for style through letting your creative juices flow. 

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