3 Shopping Apps That Planet Cautious Fashionistas Need Now


Staying on top of the latest trends is something many of us are after. Yet constantly updating your wardrobe can come with a big price tag. A tag that is damaging not just to your finances but also our planet. Fast fashion consumption is one of the biggest pollutants in the world next to plastic. 

Instagram has a major impact on our wants and needs. With that, comes the constant pressure to have the latest pieces whether you are a fashion blogger or simply someone in search of the newest trends.

It is refreshing to see the new wave of brands as well as a generation of consumers that are paying tribute to sustainability efforts. The struggle is real, with store like Zara and HM on every corner, chances are you are not leaving empty handed once inside one of these major retailers. The challenge lies in the choices you make. Thankfully, we live in a time when accessibility to a variety of retailers is just a click away. Conscious living is a choice and an effort to change habits that have an impact on our planet.

In celebration of the Earth Day, I am sharing 3 apps that change the way we consume fashion while keeping your style on point.  These 3 apps will make your shopping fun, fulfilling and guilt-free, well almost guilt-free, sigh.

Rent the runway

If you have been following me for a while you know I am a big fan of Rent The Runway. You basically rent items vs buying them. I love how fun the service is and the fact that I am constantly rotating items in my closet is such a win-win. You get to pick as many items as you like for a set price and keep them as long or as short as you need. Most of my fun purses, jackets, and accessories are found here.

Download RTR here

Wearing All Rent The Runway Items


You know how much I love shopping for vintage. There is nothing better than that find from a vintage boutique, but Etsy has you covered with so many vendors from around the globe ready to ship their treasures as soon as you purchase. Best part you can find some really unique stuff that is affordable while purchasing a high end, timeless item. Etsy is a great way to set your style apart. If you are not into vintage, there are plenty of vendors on Etsy that have an eco-friendly approach to the production of their items.

Download Etsy Here

Wearing Accessories and Leather Top From Etsy

The Outnet

What better way to satisfy a fashionistas craving than to stock up on timeless items? But not everyone can afford luxury finds at a full price. The Outnet allows you to load up on goodies by brands who make clothing to last. Everything is on sale and selections are fresh and current. I usually wait for the twice a year 70% off sale to stock up on shoes by brands like Dior, Off-White, etc. These are the type of items that will live in your closet for decades.

Download The Outnet Here

Wearing Off White Boots From The Outnet

Well, there you have it ladies, head to the apple store and download these 3 secret weapons of a current day fashionista. Great style does not need to come at the cost of the environment.

Happy shopping and keep styling,


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OIia Kedik
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