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The inspiration can be found in almost everything that surrounds us, starting from a conversation with a friend and ending with the traumatic experience of a loss. Some things move us more than the other, many artists are led by pain and sorrow, and others get carried away on the wings of love. San Francisco is definitely a place to find any kind of formula to jiggle your creative brains and here are our 4 picks for you to choose from. 

Folsom Street Fair – The world’s biggest leather event that continues to get kinkier with every year. The BDSM lovers started to gather to celebrate and embrace their fetishes since 1984. During the event, you can witness or participate in various activities such as spanking, bondaging, sensory deprivation, and others. The entire scene fills up with people (mostly men) dressed up in their underwear, chains, collars, latex a lot of leather and some prefer to show up in their birthsuits. This place is filled with an insane amount of sexual yet sensual energy, and if that’s where your inspiration comes from or you want to try something new then I suggest you pay this event a visit on the next fair on September 27th in 2020.


Art Walk (First Thursday) is a community event every first Thursday of the month from 6:00 pm to 10pm. Hosted by gallery owners and artist’s studios in the Lower Polk and Tenderloin neighborhoods. Each gallery or studio features a unique selection of art from multiple mediums and styles.

The Museum of Craft and Design. A museum dedicated to crafts and design, crazy isn’t it? It’s technically free every first Tuesday of the month. So yeah, technically it’s still free. The exhibit is a collection of artwork by artists, designers, and such and it’s open for all ages. Though I don’t know if any kids will have the attention span to walk around and not get bored but if you’re a full grown adult looking for a relaxing time to do ANYTHING, here’s the perfect place for you. 

The museum has beautiful and creative art from Architect, Fashion, and Motor vehicles, for some reason.

  1. The Design by Time exhibit features a lot of objects and are designed to signify time. 
  2. The Survival Architect exhibit shows off what our world would look like if we took care of it instead of constantly killing it. 
  3. And last we have the Fashion exhibits that explore different fashion styles and designs. 

Conservatory of Flowers at San Francisco 

This is an outside and inside exhibition of dreamy flowers and plants located at the Golden Gate Park. For entering the main collection which is inside a white old building with a castle facade, constructed in 1879, there is a fee of $9 for no residents, and $6 for locals. But there is good news, every first Thursday of every month, there is free entrance for everyone.

Even though the main flowers exhibition is worthy, inspiring, exhotic, and unique, the outside garden is just perfect to sit with a book, blanket, picnic basket, wine, and get inspired with nature, weather, smell, and the beauty of flowers.

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