2 International Fashion Events In San Francisco To Keep On Your Radar

San Francisco, the tech capital of the world, does not often jive in our minds as a city of style and fashion beauty. Fashion takes a back seat to the tech-driven events of this city by The Bay. During the last decade, there has been a major transformation for SF with large amounts of creatives forced to move out of the city due to housing and cost of living issues. Thousands of new era residents have moved to San Francisco and The Bay Area trying to pursue their dreams. However, the dynamic of creatives versus that of the tech world continues to change and be often at odds with one another.

There are still those dedicated citizens of SF and the Bay Area that put their foot forward in organizing and leading events that support creativity, beauty, and emerging talent.

Today I am sharing with you two international events that should be on your radar. What is similar in these two events is that they are both led by women who believe in the San Francisco community of creatives and go out of there way to support talent while providing them with a platform to shine.

I had the opportunity to speak with the founders of these two events and here are the highlights from our conversations. 

F.A.D by Haworth at Janus et Cie

Fashion Art and Design event is led and organized by Inna Harbove who has been leading the pack on creative and fashion-driven events in San Francisco for the past 5 years. F.A.D took place in a fabulous showroom of Haworth at JANUS et Cie in The Design Center.

The idea is to create an event and a collaborative environment for fashion designers, interior designers and anyone who wants to express their creative vision.

“Haworth is a big supporter of the art and design community, where uniqueness and innovation come together, therefore I decided to put an event here, where everyone with creative and fashionable minds can collaborate ”

Some of the stands out contestants were Stephane Koerwyn from France, who showcased unique aluminum dresses, Rodrigo Trujillo from Bolivia with his vibrant and striking collection that is made out of repurposed materials and Lena Trotsko, who showed a dark but sexy collection named Maleficent. 

“The idea of the event is to bring together creatives in a collaborative environment and allow young and professional designers to express and showcase their skills in a unique setting.”


On Sunday, November 18th, Miss Russian San Francisco, held its fifth beauty pageant at the Fairmont Hotel. With high profile guests and 9 stunning contestants from Russian-speaking countries, the crowds were bubbling with excitement.

Karina Zakharov: “The main goal of this beautiful yearly event is to unite the community of expats from numerous Russian-speaking countries and to celebrate the diversity, beauty, and talent.”

With categories like national dresses, Q/A, gowns and swimsuits, these girls many opportunities to let their inner and outer beauty shine.

Image Courtesy Miss Russian San Francisco

Congratulations to Karina and Miss Russian San Francisco on the 5 year anniversary.

It was a pleasure attending both of these events and an honor to sit on the judges’ table at Miss Russian San Francisco.


OIia Kedik
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